7 Energy Foods That Will Get You through 2014 ...


I don’t know about you, but I seem to be needing more energy foods than ever before. Life is busier than ever, and the availability of quick energy boosts like Red Bull and ProPlus just make us want that ‘wide awake and alert’ feeling all the time! If you are the same, worry not. You don’t need to rely on expensive energy boosting substances – just grab some of these energy foods next time you’re at the supermarket.

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Dark Chocolate…

Dark Chocolate… Yes, dark chocolate is one of the best energy foods. It’s perfect for those occasions when you are craving something sweet, and you can get it in a wide variety of forms, from bars, squares and kisses to bark. A single serving of dark chocolate has enough theobromine to perk you up, and it’ll boost your endorphin levels too, putting you in a great mood. Go ahead and take a bite!



Cardamom… Okay, so if you aren’t big on Indian food, you might not have heard of Cardamom. This is a spice with a really distinctive taste, and it’s used in curries, rice and chai tea, so you can easily consume it throughout the day. You can even make dishes using the whole seed, for a really strong Asian flavor. Not only does it make food taste great, but it expands blood vessels, improving your circulation and boosting your energy levels. A cup of hot chai is perfect for a quick boost.



Asparagus… Asparagus is full of vitamins and minerals, and it’s pretty well known for being an aphrodisiac. It’s supply of B vitamins means it’s great at helping your body turn food into energy, and the high fiber content is ideal for regulating blood sugar levels to avoid energy slumps. Try sautéing it with salt and pepper, or enjoying it in a salad.



Sauerkraut… Need more energy? Grab a hot dog, and don’t skimp on the sauerkraut. This tangy food is full of probiotics, which help you to digest food more efficiently, and unlock more energy. That makes it one of the most powerful energy boosters that there is!


Lemon Water…

Lemon Water… This is probably the easiest thing to grab if you are at work or school. Staying hydrated is really important to keep yourself functioning and avoid dehydration, which is one of the leading causes of fatigue and lack of concentration. For an extra boost, squeeze half of a lemon into the water. Lemon juice is full of electrolytes that will maintain your energy levels, but without the sugary slump that follows energy drinks.



Spinach… Chewing on some spinach will keep your eyes wide open. It’s loaded with nutrients such as fiber, vitamin K and lutein, and there’s loads of iron, too. It’s the iron that will perk you up and make you feel awake almost instantly! If you don’t fancy chewing it raw, try it in pasta salad or a sandwich, instead.


Orange Juice…

Orange Juice… Orange juice is one of the best energy foods for enjoying during the afternoon, which is ideal if you suffer from a slump after lunch. Orange juice is packed full of Vitamin C, which helps to produce carnitine, a nutrient that helps your body to burn food for energy. You only need to drink one eight-ounce glass per day to get enough for your energy levels to stay sky high.

Do you use any of these energy foods to keep yourself awake and alert through the day? It feels like 2014 might pass in a blur of energy foods, late nights and busy days, so knowing which foods to reach out for is really important. It’ll keep you feeling in control, and help you avoid exhaustion! Which energy foods do you rate?

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