Wonderful Tips to Start Batch Cooking for Busy Girls ...


Wonderful  Tips to Start Batch Cooking for Busy Girls  ...
Wonderful  Tips to Start Batch Cooking for Busy Girls  ...

If you are a busy working woman who spends more time at her job than at her house, then the thought of getting home and heading straight to the kitchen to cook up a big meal is something that will put fear and dread into your exhausted heart! That's why you needs these tips for starting batch cooking. Even though we all have good intentions when it comes to healthy eating and maintaining a good weekly relationship with food, life doesn’t always give us the time to do this.

However, thanks to batch cooking, there are ways that a busy working woman can really utilise her time to give herself the best chance of healthy eating through the week without all of the daily effort! Here are some of the best tips for starting batch cooking.

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Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is absolutely essential and is one of the most recommended tips for starting batch cooking. Think about the next seven days. How many nights are you going to be at home rather than out on a date or at a function? Once you have the number, you can spend a couple of hours on a Sunday buying the right amount groceries to make a simple dish that can be refrigerated and taken out in portions when the time is right.


Make It Fun

Don’t think about this period of Sunday cooking as a chore. Do everything you can to make it as fun as possible. Why not create a playlist of all of your favourite songs that you can rock out and dance to while you are getting everything done in the kitchen? And of course, it’s not a proper batch cooking session if you don’t have a glass of wine or two to help you through it!


Be Smart

Batch cooking is all about big flavours and economic processes. You want to be making dishes that don’t involve too many ingredients and the use of too many utensils because that will only give you the even harder task of washing up later on! With regards to the things that you do use to complete your batch cooking, it’s always smart to clean and wash as you go rather than leaving a mountain at the end!


Start Slow

If you are new to batch cooking, then don’t jump straight in with a big, complicated recipe that is going to make enough portions to last seven days. Instead, start with something simple that will cover you for maybe two or three days. This will build up your confidence with batch cooking and show that it isn’t so scary to be that organised after all. After you have got to grips with the timing of it all, then you can start to branch out and be a little more adventurous with the dishes that you cook. From starting out with simple pasta to upgrading to much more complex chicken or fish dishes, you will soon become the batch cooking master and your evening dinners will never be bland or boring again!

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