7 Top Street Foods from around the World ...


Street food as we understand it these days, was once pretty much confined to crammed Asian cities. The West however, is catching on to one, just how much fun it can be, two, how tasty it is, and three, the convenience and price. Whether it’s a destination truck you simply must visit for their particular delicacy, or just grabbing something on the run, street food is definitely on the up, everywhere. Street food doesn’t have to be complicated or gourmet; humble is good, traditional is good and the best thing is, anything goes, which too is good. Here are 7 Top Street Foods from Around the World:

1. Takoyaki

Now don’t screw your nose up, but this most Japanese of street food is octopus. A bite sized chunk of tender, sweet octopus is dipped in batter and cooked on a hot plate until golden. The ball is then given a variety of toppings – maybe katsuobushi (flakes of bonito) or aonori (powdered green seaweed), you then dip it in your sauce of choice, either takoyaki (hence the name) or just plain mayonnaise, and finally you take a bite of its deliciousness.

Pastel De Belem
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