Top Ten Healthy Travel Snacks to Take on Your Trip and Stay on Track ...

Part of travelling means that you are out of your comfort zone, in unfamiliar territory, and definitely far away from staple food items that can be found everywhere in your own home town. So, either you end up eating loads of junk food from fast food chains that look familiar, and are safe and comforting, or just binge on deep fried local delicacies that fit more or less into your budget. Hence, the fact that travelling doesn’t have the best reputation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or the very best time to embark on a healthy eating plan. Also, if you are taking a long trip, the temptation of pulling into a roadside diner can be too much to resist. Healthy snacks are important on a long driving trip – helping you keep awake and alert, and certainly better for you than service station meals.

But part of the joy of travelling is sampling the local cuisine, and there are ways to still have a good time, feast on different dishes and keep a health-conscious routine. Following the cardinal rule of a balanced eating plan – the 5 a day rule, may help travellers combat the undesired weight gain and health issues travelling bring. The concept of 5 a day is basically that each and every person has 5 portions of 80g of fruit and veggies during each day. Not 5 of each, but 5 in total. Here are 10 healthy travel snacks:

1. Dried Fruit

Dried or dehydrated fruit is great for travelling; it won’t go off in your bag, nor leak all over your Kindle while you wait in long queues for your next flight to board. They are a great source of energy. The small packets travel light and well, and are the perfect hunger buster in between meals. Pack things like raisins, apricots, pears and apples.