7 Ultimate Tips for Eating Street Food Safely ...


Everyone, even those who donโ€™t travel, need to know how to eat street food safely. It is widely recognized that an essential part of any travel is the street food experience. For so long it has been somewhat restricted to certain parts of the world โ€“ most especially in the East, but street food is really catching on in the West too. Though it is becoming more widespread across more cultures, there are still some rules to eat street food safely to avoid a holiday upset. Eat street food safely whether itโ€™s at a dosa stall in Bombay or a dog stall at the ballpark.

1. Eat Where the Locals Eat

One of the best ways to eat street food safely is to take note of where the local crowds eat, or ask the local inhabitants for a recommendation if youโ€™re looking for somewhere to buy food. If a vendor is extremely quiet, or seems to be avoided by the locals, chances are that the food is not overly good; or worst possible case, that the food is unsafe. In short, observing your surroundings and being extremely careful about where and what you eat is your best bet at circumventing any street food related health issues.

Try to Avoid Eating Meat
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