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London has an amazing foodie scene, and there are some really unusual restaurants in London that you shouldn’t miss if you visit. What with the explosion in recent years of pop-ups and street stalls, there’s a wealth of eating experiences to choose from. If you’re visiting the capital, here’s a selection of some unusual restaurants in London to check out during your time there.

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Mes Amis is an unusual restaurant in London that shouldn’t be missed – the interior of this tiny Lebanese restaurant is a delightful mishmash of patterned carpets, brightly-coloured chairs and umbrellas dangling from the ceiling. There’s an open kitchen and the chef knows most of the customers by name, so this one is definitely a hidden gem.



This is a brilliant place to go with a group of friends – the food is pan-Asian and it’s pretty yummy, and the cocktails are great, but it's the setting that makes this restaurant stand out. There’s cabaret-style entertainment, featuring – for example – fire-eating dancers and acrobats. By the end of the night, you’ll probably be dancing on the tables as well.



Okay, so Burger and Lobster isn’t actually that unusual. But there are only three things on the menu – a beef burger, lobster or lobster roll, all served with side salad and chips. Everything is the set price of £20 and the food is delicious. There are some good cocktails, too.



Hidden in Soho, La Bodega Negra is in somewhat of an unsuspecting location. Because the entrance is a rather unsavoury looking sex shop. Once you go inside, you should find a man with a clipboard. You have to make a reservation, and if you do have one, you go down the stairs at the back into a cave serving excellent Mexican food and lots and lots of tequila.



This will be more of an experience than just a simple meal. Before you go into the restaurant, you choose either the mixed, seafood, meat or vegetarian restaurant. Then after that, you enter the pitch black restaurant – the waiters are all blind, and they guide you to your seats. The food isn’t amazing but it’s certainly an interesting experience.



If you’re a bit of a technology buff, head to Inamo in Soho. It’s a waiter-less Oriental fusion restaurant – meaning that the tables are actually interactive. You use them to look at the menu, order your food and even change the tablecloth. You could watch it being prepared on the ‘chef cam’ too. There’s even a button to order your cab home.



Archipelago is the place to go if you want to try something far more exotic than fish and chips. This restaurant specialises in exotic cuisine, and serves everything from crocodile to kangaroo. The décor’s interesting too, as you’ll be surrounded by peacock feathers and golden Buddhas.

This quick guide only looks at restaurants – but if you are visiting London, it’s worth making the most of the food markets and street stalls dotted all over the city, because you can find some amazing food at surprisingly cheap prices. Make sure to check if there’s any new pop-ups opening whilst you’re here too – you could find something great. Otherwise, enjoy! What other dining experiences in London would you recommend?

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Burger and lobster is yummy! Though I don't know why you would pay £20 for a burger when you can have lobster. Unless you don't like fishfood ofcourse! Another one for thr list is Shaka Zulu in Camden. The decore is amazing, all carved wood and sculptures floor to ceiling. African inspired menu like zebra, springbok and crocodile amongst other things. There are normal steaks too, and a great cocktail bar upstairs!

I live on London and mes Amis is amazing!!!!

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