Where to Eat Ice Cream in NYC ...


Where to Eat Ice Cream in NYC ...
Where to Eat Ice Cream in NYC ...

Wondering where to eat ice cream in NYC? A new ice cream scoop shop opened recently on the Upper East Side in New York City. It has a small bubble gum pink storefront and workers dish out delicious flavors including banana brownie and espresso cookie. Many customers devour their frozen treats and leave unaware that this is not your typical ice cream shop.

Here are your instructions for discovering a naughty surprise: 1.ask the employee stationed beside the counter to show you the storage room. 2. Give the person your ID, and if you are 21 or older, you will be able to enter a special room. The door is lined with 180 empty ice cream cartons. It opens up to reveal a neon “I scream, you scream” and inside there is a glowing bar lined with stools upholstered in hot pink and studs, with shelves stacked with exotic liqueurs and house-made syrups! This secret place is the brainchild of owner Courtney Bond. She was inspired by the speakeasies of the 1920s Prohibition, when alcohol was served behind deceptive facades.

Bond had experience managing a candy-centric nightclub and VIP suites at Yankee Stadium. She wanted to branch out on her own, so she searched for a space on the UES for more than 2 years before finding a 1,500 square foot space in November 2016. After a yearlong renovation, her establishment is a decadent bar with a vintage vibe that serves unique drinks for about $15. Details about a few of the cocktails you can order are below as well as the answer for where to eat ice cream in NYC.

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Girls Gossip on the East

This is made from rose, tequila and prosecco topped with melon balls and a strip of corn husk lit on fire!


Next Stop Hunter College

This is made with chocolate stout, cookie butter spread and chocolate ice cream.


Tea at the Carlyle

This drink comes in an antique cup with a lollipop and Pop Rocks on the side.

If you get a chance to visit this ice cream shop and bar on Second Avenue on the Upper East Side, be aware that in order to keep things classy, Bond has instituted a strict dress code, banning athletic wear, hats and sneakers. Enjoy!!

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