7 Wonderfully Healthy Berries to Introduce to Your Diet ...


7 Wonderfully Healthy Berries to Introduce to Your Diet ...
7 Wonderfully Healthy Berries to Introduce to Your Diet ...

Healthy Berries are everywhere. Did you know that there are actually some healthy berries that contain all sorts of antioxidants? For me, I love everything from blueberries all the way to strawberries and everything in between – however, I didn't realize that these healthy berries can actually help keep my skin clear, help my hair stay soft and help promote general good health. Don't worry ladies, I'm gonna go into detail about all of the healthy berries below and why you should take 'em!

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Goji Berries

Goji healthy berries are things that I've never heard of. These little berries are also called Chinese Wolfberry or Mede Berry and honestly ladies, they are awesome for your body! If you want to promote good health, have a healthy sex drive and gain some happiness, these little red berries are the ones for you!



Blueberries are healthy berries that I love. I like the texture, the taste and what they do for me! Did you know that blueberries actually have properties in them that can help in neutralizing free radical damage in our skin? Eat up some blueberries and you'll see a huge difference in your skins health!



So bilberries aren't something that I've ever had until I read up on them. These healthy berries are truly a staple in my house now! They are smaller than blueberries, but they actually help your entire circulation system. If you have varicose veins, these little berries will totally help – and they're delicious!


Acai Berries

If you've watched TV, you've probably seen all sorts of things on Acai berries. While they might help with losing weight, they actually can assist with energy-boosting, and can slow down the aging process. Seriously ladies, these healthy berries are wicked amazing!



We all know that strawberries are friggin' amazing, but do you know what vitamins are packed into these little berries? They actually contain a ton of different vitamins that can assist with everything from protecting you from heart disease all the way to reducing your risk of getting cancer. Truly an amazing berry!



At my parent's house, we actually have wild blackberries and I have to say – these things taste awesome. What I didn't know is that, they can actually help control your cholesterol. Have high cholesterol? Eat some blackberries!



So you're probably wondering why cherries are on my list – technically, they are berries. These incredible berries help with everything from migraine headaches all the way to helping your sleep. They can also help keep your skin in check and make sure you look youthful and beautiful!

Healthy berries can be found pretty much anywhere. They are also something that are easy to incorporate into your diet already. So ladies, what are some of your favorite healthy berries? Share some recipes that you may have whipped up!

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