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7 Worst Foods to Eat for Breakfast if You're Trying to Lose Weight ...

By Heather

If you’re one of the many ladies out there looking to drop a few pounds, be sure you start things off right each day and avoid the worst foods to eat for breakfast. You don’t have to cut calories, carbs, or fat from your diet, but you do need to manage your blood sugar to control your hunger. To effectively do that, just start your day off with some healthy morning meal options and avoid the worst foods to eat for breakfast along the way. I guarantee if you avoid these 7 foods first thing each day, you’ll be less hungry and have less cravings in just a couple of weeks!

1 Bagels

BagelsBagels are incredibly low in fiber, which makes them one of the worst foods to eat for breakfast if you're trying to lose weight. Bagels are high in starchy carbohydrates that digest quickly and disrupt your blood sugar. Go for oatmeal instead!

2 Instant Oatmeal

Instant OatmealSpeaking of oatmeal, be sure you choose rolled oats, or steel-cut varieties. Instant oats are highly processed and often have added sugars, which aren’t the best breakfast or blood sugar option.

3 Cereal

CerealCereal is a very processed food, even if it’s a whole grain variety. And don't let the gluten-free varieties fool you either- they're just as poor of a choice. Remember, the quicker a food breaks down in your body, the hungrier you’ll be all day, which leads to overeating quickly.

4 Sugary Yogurt

Sugary YogurtThat fruit-flavored yogurt isn’t your diet’s best friend either, dear! Many yogurts are promoted as healthy, they can have as much sugar as a candy bar or even more, depending on the variety. Choose a plain, nonfat Greek yogurt as the best option and sweeten it with some berries, stevia, and cinnamon for a healthier approach.

5 Bacon

BaconThe fats in bacon can actually spike your insulin levels just like starchy carbohydrates. No matter if you’re eating low-carb or not, bacon isn’t your diet's friend, and yes, that even includes turkey bacon too! Go with pastured eggs or egg whites instead.

6 Protein Bars

Protein BarsNot all protein bars are evil, but most are very refined, high in sugar, and some have trace amounts of trans fats even though they are labeled trans-fat free. If you need some protein first thing in the day, go with the Greek yogurt and have some nuts and seeds on top. If you must grab a protein bar on the go, pick a lower carb variety and try to keep it under 250 calories.

7 Fruit Smoothies

Fruit SmoothiesFruit smoothies are actually loaded with sugar even though they might seem like a healthier choice. They can spike your blood sugar just like a white piece of toast with sugary jam will. If you’d like to make a smoothie, great! Just be sure you use a healthy protein powder, some greens, and only one serving of fruit to keep the glycemic index low.

Breakfast truly is the best way to start things off on the right foot, whether you're on a diet or not. By choosing whole grains, berries, nuts, seeds, yogurt, greens, eggs, egg whites, and non-processed foods, you'll be well on your way to losing weight more quickly and having less cravings. Do you have a favorite breakfast food that might be a helpful for someone looking to lose weight?

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