The Most Mouth-watering Things You Can Ever do with Pickles ...


There are lots of things to do with pickles that go way beyond putting them on a burger. Pickles happen to be one of my favorite foods so I’m happy to try new ways of using and enjoying them. I go for the fancy, more expensive, pickles because I think they just taste better. You can use any pickles that you like the best for this list of things to do with pickles. You’ll never see this humble condiment the same way again.

1. Fry Them

Fry Them

Fried dill pickles are one of the most delicious things to do with pickles. And they’re super easy to make too! You can use any batter recipe that you typically use for other fried foods. I like the smoother ones better than the lumpy ones, but both taste pretty good. Once coated in the batter, deep fry the pickles until golden brown. Serve with ranch dressing.

Make a Cuban
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