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45 Delicious Mexican Food Dishes You're Going to Love ...

By Eliza

Mexican food is my absolute favorite cuisine. The avocados, fresh meats, tortillas and spicy chile are all foods I love. If you're the same way, you are about to awed by what this list has in store for you. Check out this great Mexican food, but be ready to salivate.

1 Horchata

HorchataVia oct2012 018
Ok, it's not really Mexican food, but it is a Mexican drink. Horchata is a yummy cinnamon drink that tastes great both hot and cold.

2 Elote

EloteVia Food!
A cob of corn topped with chili powder, cheese and a squirt of lime juice is heaven.


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3 Nacho Cheese Dip

Nacho Cheese DipVia BEST Mexican Food Recipes
If you ask me there isn't a better appetizer than corn chips and runny nacho cheese.

4 Spanish Rice

Spanish RiceVia Best Spanish Rice Recipe, Homemade ...
Round out any meal with heaping spoonful of delicious Spanish rice.

5 South of the Border Burger

South of the Border BurgerVia Mexican Burgers, Pizza & More: ...
If you're easing into things here, try a burger topped with salsa and guacamole.

6 Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno PoppersVia eunicesierra
These cheese and chorizo stuffed jalapenos are the real deal.

7 Soft Tacos

Soft TacosVia Healthy Mexican Makeover
You can fill a soft tortilla with chicken and fresh chopped tomatoes for a healthy take on Mexican food.

8 Creamy Mexican Kale Salad

Creamy Mexican Kale SaladVia Healthy Creamy Mexican Kale Salad ...
Jazz up your salad with black beans, salsa and corn for a yummy twist on an old classic.

9 Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken Tortilla SoupVia IMG_7476
Tortilla soup is one of my favorites! Top yours with avocado and crunchy corn chips.

10 Black Bean Soup

Black Bean SoupVia 30 Minute Mexican Soup - ...
Black bean soup is a warming and hearty meal on any night of the week.

11 Carnitas

CarnitasVia What's the real deal
There's nothing better than carnitas, especially wrapped in a warm tortilla.

12 Enchiladas

EnchiladasVia BEST Mexican Food Recipes
Enchiladas are super filling and make a great meal to share with a crowd.


FAJITASVia steaG_3299
Grilled meats, bell peppers and onions wrapped in a tortilla make a tasty fajita meal.

14 Smothered Burritos

Smothered BurritosVia 25 of our Favorite Mexican ...
There's nothing more Mexican than a plate filled with a chile smothered burrito.

15 Simple Quesadilla

Simple QuesadillaVia BEST Mexican Food Recipes
The humble quesadilla makes a fast and easy meal. Add some chicken to make it more filling.

16 Torta Ahogada

Torta AhogadaVia sept2012 105
I can't even begin to tell you how delicious this looks.

17 Molletes

MolletesVia eunicesierra
What a tasty looking lunch this would make.

18 Rolled Tacos

Rolled TacosVia Mexican Food
Rolled tacos, also called taquitos, are great for dipping in sour cream, salsa and guacamole.

19 Tamales

TamalesVia Cinco de Mayo: 20 of ...
I love tamales. I just wish I knew how to make them. Top yours with green chile and cheese.

20 Tostadas

TostadasVia 26 Low-Fat Mexican Food Recipes
A tostada is pretty much a flat taco, but it makes the perfect place to pile all your favorite toppings.

21 Beans and Rice

Beans and RiceVia Five ways to tell you’re ...
No matter what your entree is, round out your meal with a couple scoops of beans and rice.

22 Naked Burrito

Naked BurritoVia Recipe Round-up :: Rice and ...
Skip the tortilla and fill your bowl with everything that goes inside.

23 Cheesy Dip

Cheesy DipVia
This gooey mixture of corn, beans, tomato and red sauce is the perfect thing to scoop up with corn chips.

24 Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp CocktailVia trueee
Shrimp cocktail and a few Mexican beers is the perfect patio meal.

25 Cilantro

CilantroVia BEST Mexican Food Recipes
A dash of cilantro on your tacos adds lots of flavor and color.

26 Cheesy Enchiladas

Cheesy EnchiladasVia BEST Mexican Food Recipes
Pile on the cheese - they only make enchiladas that much better.

27 Crispy Churros

Crispy ChurrosVia BEST Mexican Food Recipes
When dessert comes, crispy churros are the perfect ending to your meal.

28 Crispy Shells

Crispy ShellsVia 26 Low-Fat Mexican Food Recipes
Crispy shells are a great alternative to soft flour tortillas.

29 Sopapillas

SopapillasVia BEST Mexican Food Recipes
I can't imagine much that tastes better than a pile of fluffy sopapillas smothered in honey. What do you think?

30 Piled Tostadas

Piled TostadasVia Top 10 Best Mexican Recipes ...
Don't settle for the same old tostada - pile it layers high, but don't forget your fork because you're going to need it.

31 Sopa De Albondigas

Sopa De AlbondigasVia Mexican Meatball Soup (Sopa de ...
It looks delicious, doesn't it?

32 Guacamole

GuacamoleVia 25 of our Favorite Mexican ...
Eat it with corn chips or scoop huge piles of guacamole on your burritos, enchiladas and tacos.

33 Mexican Casserole

Mexican CasseroleVia Top 10 Best Mexican Recipes ...
Put everything in a casserole dish, cover it with cheese and bake it. You won't be sorry!

34 Guacamole Cups

Guacamole CupsVia
These are so perfect for a fiesta themed party.

35 Salsa Bar

Salsa BarVia Yahoo Health
No matter what you serve, offer a selection of salsa to add spice to your meal.

36 Taco Casserole

Taco CasseroleVia Taco Casserole - Girls Dish
Eat your tacos piled on a plate instead of in individual tortillas. So much easier when you're eating outside!

37 Chicken Quesadillas

Chicken QuesadillasVia 26 Low-Fat Mexican Food Recipes
Stuff your quesadillas full of ingredients and serve it with salsa. Yum!

38 Traditional Flan

Traditional FlanVia
If you like custard, you're going to love this caramel treat.

39 Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp TacosVia Healthy Cooking, Every Day: Healthy ...
There's no rule that says you can't sub the beef or chicken with some grilled shrimp in your tacos.

40 Taco Bar

Taco BarVia Community Post: 20 Foods To ...
Next time you plan a party, serve up a taco bar and let all your guests make their own delicious version.

41 Warm Tortillas

Warm TortillasVia BEST Mexican Food Recipes
Serve anything with a side of warm flour tortillas and you'll be able to scoop up anything that's left behind on your plate.

42 Cheese

CheeseVia BEST Mexican Food Recipes
A large portion of Mexican food is covered in cheese, so make sure you have lots on hand. Cheddar, Monterey Jack and queso fresco are great choices.

43 Chicken and Rice

Chicken and RiceVia Pollo Loco - Mexican Chicken ...
Top Spanish rice with a grilled chicken breast, melted cheese and pico de gallo for a tasty dinner you'll want to eat all the time.

44 Tamale Casserole

Tamale CasseroleVia BEST Mexican Food Recipes
Pair your tamale with rice, beans or chile for a well rounded meal.

45 Spices

SpicesVia Mexican Herbs and Spices
Don't forget the spices and herbs to make your Mexican meals that much more authentic.

Don't you love Mexican food? Just writing this article makes me want a cheesy plate of enchiladas or some crispy taquitos. What's your favorite Mexican meal?

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