7 Delicious Steps to Healthier Eating All Year Long ...


While it may seem like the only time we truly eat healthy is when we can literally pick the veggies off the vine, there are many steps to healthier eating we can follow year-long.

Eating healthy is not only a positive step for your physical health, but for your mental and emotional health too.

These steps to healthier eating can also change many other parts of your life for the better.

1. Indoor and Outdoor Farmers Markets

Indoor and Outdoor Farmers Markets

The popularity of farmers markets has grown exponentially in the past several years.

Whether it’s January in Milwaukee or August in Texas, you will find a place to buy some home-grown goodies and baked wholesomeness to help you with your steps to healthier eating.2

There is even a website to find the farmers markets closest to you: nfmd.org.

2. Can You Can-Can?

Can You Can-Can?

You can keep summer with you all year long if you can it.

Those beautiful tomatoes can be canned into numerous forms, whether as a chunky salsa, a beautiful spaghetti sauce, or a delectable bruschetta topping.

Those cukes are just as variable.

Even fruit has more than a cat’s quantity of lives with jellies, chutneys, and pie fillings to start.

3. Portion Size

Portion Size

All year long, the fight between our eyes versus our stomach is a battle we can ultimately win.

Whether it’s keeping in mind a picture of that swimsuit we would like to wear at the beginning of summer rather than at the end, or just wanting to be the healthiest weight we can, portion size is a free way to work out your self-control.

4. CSAs


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an excellent way to partake in the bounty (and we do mean bounty!) of the season, without having to grow it yourself.2

Simply pay your share to your local CSA, and each week of the growing season pick up a bag of whatever is ripe at that moment.

Usually you can choose between a small (2 people) or large (4 people) share.

For most, it will feed more than this.

It also gives you the opportunity to freeze or can what you won’t use before the next bag arrives.

And let’s not understate the importance of supporting the local economy and buying from your neighboring farmers.

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