8 Delicious Things You Could do with Vanilla Ice Cream ...


Vanilla Ice Cream is absolutely one of my β€œpig out” foods. I believe I can eat this for hours on end without getting sick of it at all. That is how much I love vanilla ice cream. No joke! For years, I regularly had a tub of this at the office fridge so that whenever I get the craving, which was quite often, I would be able to just easily get some. And I didn't just eat it by itself, too. I often experimented with it. I even put vanilla ice cream with rice once. I dripped chocolate syrup all over it. It was pretty good! Maybe you'd like to experiment with this ice cream yourself. Can’t think of anything? Well, read on… below are 8 delicious things you could do with vanilla ice cream.

1. Banana Split

This one is, of course, the most popular dessert you can make with vanilla ice cream.

You take three scoops of ice cream and arrange them on a boat.

Slice a banana in half and put one half on each side of the boat.

Pour some chocolate syrup over each mound;

a tablespoon or two would do, I think.

Squirt some whipped cream over that.

Put a cherry on top of the whipped cream.

And personally, I like to sprinkle some crushed nuts all over the whole thing.

You can skip that last bit though, if you want.

Still, this thing is pure indulgence, I tell you!

Vanilla Milkshake
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