Hate Water? Eat These Foods for Hydration Instead πŸ‰ ...


You know that you need a certain amount of fluids each day, but maybe you aren’t a huge fan of water.2

Fortunately, water isn’t the only way to satisfy your fluid quota each day.

Many foods are full of water, which are a great way to help keep your body hydrated even if you have a hard time getting enough water down the hatch each day.

Add these foods to your meal plan and you’ll be healthy and well hydrated at the same time.


1. Stock Your Fridge with Celery

Stock Your Fridge with Celery

Not only is celery tasty and low in calories, but it’s mostly water, which makes it a yummy choice if you don’t want another glass of water.

In fact, experts at Health magazine say that celery is nearly 96 percent water.

Celery is also rich in fiber and other nutrients that you need to stay healthy so it makes a prime addition to your diet.

Dip it in low-fat ranch for some flavor.

Eat a Grapefruit for Breakfast
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