13 so-Called Healthy Foods That Aren't so Good for You ...


13 so-Called Healthy Foods That Aren't so Good for You ...
13 so-Called Healthy Foods That Aren't so Good for You ...

Have you been following a “balanced healthy diet” but not feeling any changes in how you feel or look? Chances are that you are not fueling you body with the right things for it to function to property! You might be under the impression that you’ve cut out harmful additives, fats, cholesterol and more from your diet, but nowadays that's a little bit more difficult to accomplish. Many foods are falsely advertised as healthy and nutritious but are just as bad as any piece of junk food! For example, here is a handful of “healthy” foods you should stay away from…

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Trail Mix

food, meal, produce, breakfast, dish, Trail mix is one of the most convenient snacks to keep in your purse and eat on the go, but it may not be the best option when you're trying to eat clean. Many trail mix medleys contain chocolate chips, M&M’s, lots of salt and added sugar! Experts already recommend to control the intake of nuts and keep the daily dose to a handful, imagine how much worse it gets with all these mixtures added on!



dish, food, meal, produce, vegetable, Rolled oats, fruits, nuts… what could go wrong? Quite a bit actually, if you are not choosing the best of the bunch! Most of the granola on the market is mixed in with lots of sugar and extra additives that completely outweigh the healthy components. Keep this in mind next time you go grocery shopping!


Veggie Chips

food, dish, produce, meal, breakfast, For people who constantly crave salty and savory foods, veggie chips sound like a great alternative. This is why some individuals feel justified in binging on them. However, to clear the air, veggie chips are actually not that much better for your health! The tiny veggie pieces in veggie chips are so processed and small in relative proportion that most of the nutrition is gone!


Protein Bars

painting, STC, raw, PROT, PEANUT, When picking out protein bars to buy in bulk for a mid-day snack, be very mindful and skeptical of the assortment of bars that are presented to you. More than half of what you see is highly processed and filled with artificial ingredients! You are better off snacking on fresh fruits and a handful of nuts.


Frozen Yogurt

food, cake, dessert, cupcake, birthday cake, While fro-yo is definitely not as heavy and fattening as regular ice cream, it is still something that is deceptively advertised as healthy. It might seem like you can have it as much as you want, but in reality it contains a ton of sugar and unfortunately the toppings add on even more. Sure if you are craving something sweet, reach for frozen yogurt instead of regular ice cream, but make sure to restrict yourself to avoid too much intake!


Wheat and Multi Grain Breads

food, baked goods, produce, bread, meal, When it comes to buying bread, it's easy to grab a loaf that says “Whole Wheat” on the package and be on your way, but we recommend that you take a second look! It appears that many loaves are actually just white bread dyed to look like their healthier counterparts. Don’t be fooled by what you see and make sure that your bread is 100 percent whole wheat!



produce, food, plant, drink, fruit, At home you can drink your smoothies with a certain level of confidence, you know what went into it and therefore you are aware of how healthy or unhealthy it is. However, outside of the comfort and convenience of your home, smoothies may not be as healthy and good for you as you would hope. Plenty of popular places add syrup, artificial coloring, and other harmful substances to these drinks just to make them taste unique.


Flavored Nuts

produce, meal, food, dish, plant, Nuts are a great addition to your diet when consumed raw and in moderation. However, once covered with honey and salt, there is really no point in labeling them as healthy. These are unnecessary additives that you can do without! Remember to stick with raw foods and keep things just a little simpler.


Vegan Desserts

food, chocolate cake, meal, baked goods, dessert, Just like regular desserts, vegan desserts are a treat and are not that much better for you in comparison. Yes, they are free of animal products but they can still be very high in fat, so don’t use a vegan label as an excuse to allow yourself eat more than you normally would!


Flavored Yogurt

Nestlé Waters, meal, food, breakfast, dairy product, Yogurt is generally thought of as one of the go-to foods when trying to get in shape but don’t be misled by this notion. Flavored yogurt can have as much sugar as a candy bar! To avoid falling into a trap, stick with plain yogurt and top it off with fresh fruit and honey. This is a much better alternative to what is sold on the shelves.


Gluten Free Food

food, produce, meal, plant, breakfast, Many individuals are under the impression that leading a gluten-free lifestyle will get them the body of their dreams. However, being gluten-free is not a weight loss diet, it’s a lifestyle adjustment as a result of a health problem. Therefore, if you are not allergic gluten, there is no good reason to jump on the gluten-free wagon!


Flavored Instant Oatmeal

meal, produce, food, dish, plant, Starting your day off with flavored instant oatmeal is not a bad idea, but is also not the best! While it is super convenient in terms of how much time it takes to prepare, it has quite a few not-so-good-for-you ingredients. Steel-cut oats might take a little longer to prepare, but trust me the time investment is paid off!


Vegetable Oils

food, dish, meal, produce, breakfast, Most vegetable oils are extremely high in omega-6 fatty acids, which promote inflammation and contribute to the development of many chronic conditions. However, limiting your intake of vegetable oil and increasing your consumption of omega-3 fatty acids found in nuts, beans and fish should combat the problem!

Learning the deep rooted truth about the food you put into your body is more important than you think! In fact, things that you think are only doing you good, might be harming you in more ways than you can imagine. It's crucial to remain aware and treat out bodies with respect they deserve.

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Honestly most of these are replacements to unhealthy foods. Like frozen yogurt to ice cream or wheat bread to white bread. In which case they are better.

this is retarded

Amen to the gluten free one. I find it annoying when people use gluten free as a weight loss. No, it's a lifestyle for me who CANT EAT IT.

not really sure about this

Hmmm I dont think so

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