10 Healthiest Foods to Buy if You Are a Student on a Budget 👛 💰 😋 ...


It's no secret that being a college student means being strapped for cash much of the time.

Between the cost of tuition and books, you probably don't have much left to spend on food.

However, you also know that eating healthy is important for preventing disease, maintaining your weight and helping your brain focus and learn.

Good news!

You aren't doomed to eating junk just because you're low on cash.

Here are some really healthy foods that don't cost much at all.

1. Canned Fish 🐟

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Tuna from a can is probably one of the most budget-friendly foods to stock in your dorm room.

For mere pennies per serving, you get a hefty dose of protein and omega-3 fatty acids and very few calories and grams of fat.

Use canned tuna to make a sandwich or toss it with some pasta or into a salad for a filling and tasty meal for cheap.

Bananas 🍌
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