Awesome πŸ’― Quick and Healthy πŸ‘πŸΌ Breakfasts 🍳 for Busy Girls on the Go πŸ’ƒπŸΌ ...


Life is busy.

You’ve got your plate full with school or work, maybe a boyfriend and perhaps even your own apartment to keep up with.

It’s good to have some healthy ideas for breakfast when you’re a girl on the go.

These’re 7 ideas for a quick breakfast that’re healthy and filling.

1. Greek Yogurt and Granola

Greek Yogurt and Granola

It doesn’t get any simpler than this.

Greek yogurt is an excellent source of protein and calcium.

The taste can be a bit strong but if you mix in granola, you notice it less.2

The sweetness and crunch of granola can make this a tasty treat.

You can pair your favorite granola with a cup or Greek yogurt or buy one that’s a combo pack and ready to mix.

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