9 Tips for Picky Eaters to Get Them to Enjoy Their Food ...


As a mom, tips for picky eaters can save precious time and sanity.

When everyone in the family likes different types of food, it can be easy to give up, order pizza, and feel bad for not cooking a meal.

You can teach your kids to enjoy healthy, nutritious, well-balanced meals without forcing it down their throats!

With these tips for picky eaters, you can spend less time in the kitchen, coaxing one bite of sugarcoated carrots into your toddler’s mouth, and more time playing together before bed!3

1. Hide the Veggies

Here’s one of my tips for picky eaters that works like a charm.

Veggies aren’t appealing to everyone, so instead of fighting all night to get your kid to eat his green beans, you can “hide” them in his food!

All you need to do is puree any veggie of your choice.

You can add pureed veggies to sauces, soups, casseroles, pastas, and much more.2

I puree 3 or more vegetables, fresh, frozen or canned and add it to nearly any dish.

So far, my family has been none the wiser!

2. Stop the Snacking

Snacking is a big cause for “picky eaters”.

When kids fill up on sugar and carbs all day, they aren’t hungry for nutritious foods, let alone a full meal.2

Stop allowing large snacks between meals, and nip grazing in the bud.

Leave light and healthy snacks out like a serving of fruit or veggies with dip and string cheese.

You will see how your children are magically “hungry” by dinnertime!

3. Redefine Dessert

It’s okay to have sugar every once in a while.2

We all love to indulge!

But don’t send a message that dessert is the “best” food.2

Redefine dessert as yogurt with fruit in it, or chocolate dipped strawberries.

That way if your kids don’t clean their plate and want dessert, they will get nutrients and not feel deprived.

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