Wait Til You See These Easy Hacks to Make Your Food Healthier ...


Eating more healthily is a good idea whether you want to lose weight or not.

A better diet means a better you and it isn't as much of a chore as you might think.

Get on the healthy train with these simple hacks:

1. Bake or Grill, Don’t Fry!

Bake or Grill, Don’t Fry!

Frying food is just asking for trouble.

Instead learn how to bake or grill your foods and they will be much healthier.

2. Blot Your Pizza

Blot Your Pizza

Blotting the surface oil off of your pizza can save you a whole heap of extra calories without taking away much flavor.

3. Go for Dark Meat

Go for Dark Meat

Always opt for dark poultry meat over the white;

it’s healthier and way more moist!

4. Garlic Powder over Parmesan

Garlic Powder over Parmesan

Top your pizza with some garlic powder instead of Parmesan;

you get heaps of flavor and way less calories.

5. Share an Entrée

Share an Entrée

Instead of sharing an appetizer and ordering your own entrées, switch it up and do the opposite for less calorie intake.

6. Dress Your Own Salad

Dress Your Own Salad

Order your dressing on the side and then you can control how much oil you put in your meal.

7. Eat Cold Greens

Eat Cold Greens

Eating cold greens (like lettuce and spinach) instead of warm ones takes up more space on the plate and requires more calorie burning chewing!

8. Pour Away Peanut Butter Oil

Pour Away Peanut Butter Oil

Pour away the oil that builds up at the top of your peanut butter jar;

don’t let it mix back in!

9. Go for Vinaigrette

Go for Vinaigrette

Always choose a vinaigrette over a cream based salad dressing, they’re much healthier.

10. Almond Milk

Almond Milk

Switch to using almond milk in your coffee, it’s an easy change with a lot of health benefits.

11. Real Fruit over Dried

Real Fruit over Dried

Always opt for real fruit over dried fruit, as dried fruit contains much more sugar through its dehydration.2

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