Professional Tips for Making Healthy Food Prep a Breeze ...


Professional Tips for Making Healthy Food Prep a Breeze ...
Professional Tips for Making Healthy Food Prep a Breeze ...

Food prepping can and will change your life! It saves time and calories like you wouldn't believe. Not knowing how to meal prep shouldn't stop you from hopping on this trend. That's why I have some pro tips to help you on your food-prep journey!

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Keep It Fresh

dish, meal, lunch, breakfast, food, Instead of just shopping once per week, try to find the time for a mid-week restock. Even though it takes some extra time, it will be oh-so worth it! Think about it: if you prep your food on Sunday, the leftovers you have the next Saturday will taste like refrigerator and be nearly inedible! To make sure you keep enjoying all of your meals, buy fresh food half-way through the week.


Be Honest with Yourself

dish, food, produce, plant, fruit, If you're trying to lose weight, you might feel inclined to cut back on calories by preparing much less food than you're used to eating. Nine times out of ten that will backfire! You'll be so hungry that you'll end up buying unhealthy snacks in between meals, spending more money, and ultimately gaining weight. You know your appetite, so meal-prep accordingly so that you don't accidentally starve your body!


Do It with a Friend

human action, person, eating, sense, Urle, Everything is easier with an accountability partner. You're less likely to fall off the wagon if you know your best friend will ask you about your food-prep tomorrow! Make sure you put each other on the spot from time to time to stay on track. You can also have meal-prep parties where you grocery shop and cook together. The more the merrier, right?


Keep It Generic

food, dish, vegetable, produce, cuisine, You don't need to prepare 21 specific meals on your food-prep day. Preparing generic, versatile foods can be even more efficient! Cook up some veggies you love and lightly seasoned chicken breasts that you can throw into any recipe later on during the week.


Mason Jars Are Your Friends

food, dessert, produce, parfait, dish, Go ahead and hop on the mason jar craze! Mason Jar salads are all the rage these days—for obvious reasons. They're functional, great for portion-control, easy to transport and, most importantly, adorable!


Make a Written Plan

product, meal, Even if your refrigerator is full of mason jar salads, you still might waste time in the morning deciding which one to bring to work or school that day. A written plan can help streamline your morning process. Plus, having a written plan, maybe in the form of a checklist, will help you stay on track and not wander to the vending machines in your free time.


Treat Yourself

dish, meal, lunch, food, dinner, Food-prepping is a lifestyle change. That means you still need to treat yourself because this is your LIFE! Prepare healthy foods you'll enjoy; if you hate Brussels sprouts and fish, don't eat only those just because they're healthy! Switch to broccoli and chicken if that's what you prefer. Being happy is just as important as being healthy. Also, when you're meal-prepping, make sure you include a healthy dessert to enjoy at the end of a long day!

Now that you know these tips, you’re ready to get started! Don’t say next week or next month; you can start the next time you go to the grocery store. When you do, make sure you share any new tips you’ve learned in the comments. Do any pro food-preppers have some advice to share?

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