Yummy πŸ˜‹ Drinks That Will Also Boost πŸ“Ά Your Metabolism for a Healthier You πŸ‘†πŸΌ ...


All girls want a speedier metabolism, right?

When your metabolism is humming along, you are able to burn more calories, even when you're sitting still.

You know that lifting weights can help boost your metabolism, but the items you drink can also get things going.

I'm not talking about soda or energy drinks here.

In fact, both of those items are so full of sugar that they can't be healthy.

Try these drinks instead and you'll get that metabolism boost you want so badly.

Bottoms up!

1. Spiced Infusion

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This drink is a tasty mixture of green tea with cinnamon and black pepper.

The combination of these ingredients helps speed your metabolism when you drink it on a regular basis.

Add some honey to detoxify your body at the same time.

Easy, right?

2. Strawberry Smoothie

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Protein helps strengthen your muscles, which gets your metabolism going.

That's what makes this such a great choice.

Add oats and yogurt to your smoothie to increase the protein intake.

Add the strawberries to further boost your metabolism.

The best part?

This smoothie tastes great so you won't have any trouble enjoying one of these all the time.

3. Coconut Water

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Coconut water is a trendy drink, but it's definitely a trend you want to get in on.


Coconut water is a great way to get your morning started by boosting your metabolism first thing.2

You can also drink coconut water before or after a workout to help ensure that you're getting the metabolism benefits that you're looking for.

Coconut water is tasty and comes in a variety of flavors so enjoy it any way you like.

Just be sure you choose a low sugar version for health reasons.

4. Peppermint Green Tea

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Sounds pretty delicious, doesn't it?

Green tea is good for so many things, including pumping you up with antioxidants.

When you add peppermint and lemon slices, you reduce inflammation in your body, which is one simple way to speed your metabolism.2

The experts suggest drinking a mug of peppermint green tea every day for the best results.2

You can enjoy it hot or cold.

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