How Restaurants 🍽 and Bars 🍻🍸 Make Happy Hour πŸ€— the Best πŸ‘ ...

There are lots of ways restaurants and bars can make their happy hour the best. What is happy hour? Is it drinking for recreational purposes before dinnertime? Well, the term β€œhappy hour” stumbled into an unofficial drink discount meaning somewhere in the late 40s or early 50s, no doubt due to some post-WWII-revelry and the normalization of work-home life for newly re-settled Americans. Fast forward to the 70s and 80s, and it came to mean drink specials, and bars and restaurants everywhere were eager to take advantage of the concept.

Now happy hour is a great way to unwind, mingle with peers and network with colleagues. And it is a time to sip on a delightful beverage after work. Here are 5 ways restaurants and bars can make their happy hour the best.

1. Food and Drink Promotions

Most guests are looking for cheap booze and bargain eats. These 3 menu-focused promotions ensure everyone wins:
β€’Mix in premium items on your happy hour food menu
β€’Add a new hashtag menu theme
β€’Offer miniature main dishes

2. Odd Hours

Any hour and/or day can be happy, so do not pigeonhole your promotions. One idea is to have an all-day happy hour on one day of the week.

3. Atmosphere

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Lighting is important and as is the restaurant background music on your playlist.

4. Entertainment

Provide entertainment such as karaoke, bar games and music videos.

5. Advertise

The best thing about happy hour promotions is that when they are top notch, you earn a word-of-mouth reputation for being the β€œit” place.