7 Adorable Easter Desserts Anyone Can Make ...


7 Adorable Easter Desserts Anyone Can Make ...
7 Adorable Easter Desserts Anyone Can Make ...

Easter is right around the corner. If you're going to be having company, you should create something delicious for them to eat after dinner. If you need a few ideas, here are a few adorable Easter desserts that anyone can make:

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Tie Dye Easter Eggs

This video will show you how to make Easter eggs that have cake inside! You're going to grab an egg, and poke a hole into the end of it and widen it until you can get all of the contents out of it. Then you should rinse it under cold water and dye the egg. After that, you should fill the egg with batter and cook them until they're all done!


Easter Cake Pops

In order to make cake pops, you need to make cake batter. After you cook it, you can break it up into crumbs and roll those crumbs into balls. Melt some chocolate to cover the balls with, and then start decorating with chocolate strands and miniature Easter eggs!


Easter Chocolate Bark

For this recipe, you're going to need M&Ms, mini eggs, yellow candy melts, purple candy melts, and white candy melts. After you melt all of the candy in the microwave, you're going to spread it onto a pan. Then you're going to use a knife to mix them and create a marble effect. Before it all dries, you should sprinkle the M&Ms and eggs on top. Then you should let it all dry in the fridge for an hour.


Rainbow Jell-O Eggs

This recipe requires a lot of ingredients, but once you get them all together, it won't be hard to actually create the dessert. Basically, you're going to make different colored Jell-O and use a mold to layer the different colors on top of each other. Just make sure that you let each layer dry before you add the next layer.


Easter Egg Basket

You're going to start out by making cupcakes in whatever way that you'd like. Once you finish baking them, add your brown icing, and then roll brown fondant to create the basket handle. Complete the look by placing a few chocolate eggs inside and you're ready to show off your hard work!


Kinder Eggs

If you don't know what Kinder eggs are, they're chocolate eggs with prizes inside of them. If you want to create them yourself, you can follow the instructions in this tutorial. Basically, you're going to melt chocolate and use a brush to place it into an egg mold. Then you can do the same thing with white chocolate. After that, you can fill up your eggs and then join two halves of the eggs together to create a complete Kinder egg!


Giant Peeps Cake

This recipe isn't hard, but it will take you a little bit of time to complete, so make a day out of it! You're going to bake a round cake, a 9x13 cake, and then cut them up a bit. You'll have to carve out the center in order to fill it with Peeps. Once you do that, you can attach the two cakes and decorate them with yellow frosting to create a giant Peep!

These desserts are as cute as they are scrumptious! What other desserts are you planning on making for Easter?

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