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7 Appetizingly Beautiful Deliciously Charming Ways to Ice a Cupcake ...

By Heather

How to Ice a Cupcake is hard to learn – especially if you're trying to impress your guests. Ladies, never fear, I got all the tips, tricks and all of the techniques for you to learn how to ice a cupcake quickly and easily! I know that when I was first learning how to ice a cupcake, it looked way harder than it actually was. So get out your pastry bags, line up your cupcakes and take a look at the top 7 beautiful ways to ice your cupcakes to impress your guests!

1 Daisy Cupcakes

Daisy CupcakesHave you ever scene a cupcake that is turned into a daisy? The icing work is absolutely beautiful and it's actually pretty easy. Just get out your pastry bag, use the petal tip and go to town! Dot the center with a little yellow and in no time, you'll have a beautiful daisy that tastes as good as it looks!

2 Rose Cupcakes

Rose CupcakesLearning how to ice a cupcake with all of the fancy little tricks that pastry chefs use can be intimidating at first, but remember – the pastry bag tips do most of the work. Take the rose icing cupcake – just use the petal tip again and go to town. The rose shaped icing cupcakes do take a little skill but after some practice and a few hours, I was a pro and icing roses on my cupcakes like the best of 'em!

3 Piping

PipingIf flowers aren't how you want to ice your cupcakes, don't worry! There are other ways on how to ice a cupcake, for example, piping! You could add in everything form stars to little blobs with piping. For me, I like to make a little swirl in my icing!

4 Ganache Icing

Ganache IcingWhy do you always have to go with the standard butter cream icing for your cupcakes? Well ladies, you don't! There are so many different icing choices out there and for me, it's ganache all the way.

5 Fondant

FondantIf you're really skilled and looking for one of the greatest ways on how to ice a cupcake, why not go with fondant? Just a warning, fondant isn't for everyone but it does make some awesome looking treats. Fondant is a dough that can be formed into pretty much anything. It's sugary sweet and delicious tasting!

6 The Swirl

The SwirlIf you're looking for a simple and easy way to impress your guest, just pop on a crinkle tip and make a swirl on top of your cupcake. Another great way to make your icing really pop is to add a bit of color to it. Do you have chocolate cake? Why not spice it up with a hot pink swirl of icing? It'll totally wow your guests!

7 Droplets

DropletsThe final 'how to ice a cupcake' lesson that we're going to talk about is droplets! I love this type of icing technique. All you do is take any tip you prefer and make little Hersey kiss or teardrop shaped droplets all over the top of the cupcake. It looks cool and is so easy!

Cupcakes are honestly great for any time of year and can be used for any occasion. I love learning new ways on how to ice a cupcake! It's totally a passion of mine and I've wowed so many of my guests with all of the different techniques I've learned. What about you ladies? Can you tell me some techniques that you use on how to ice a cupcake? Give 'em up!

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