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Singapore Food Blogs bring you a wealth of information about the culinary adventures you can have in this vibrant city-state. The Singapore food blogs we have gathered here will fill your mind and tummy. You will learn many recipes and get to know which restaurants are worth visiting in Singapore. Get ready for a mouthwatering ride; check out these Singapore food blogs now.

1. Ladyironchef


Ladyironchef is an award-winning food blog and deserves to be in any list of great Singapore food blogs. The brains and food reviewer behind this blog is Brad Lau. Dishing honest reviews and travel posts, this is a blog that will surely entertain you and your taste buds. If you're planning a Singapore holiday, check out Brad's list of must-visit restaurants.

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2. Sparklette


From the blog: ...Sparklette, a website that focuses on various sights and eats in Singapore, Asia and beyond. There are many things to love about this Singapore food blog. Some of these are the easy-to-navigate layout, helpful list of restaurants, and the smattering of travel posts here and there. So basically, you get more than just restaurant reviews on this blog; you get glimpses into a charmed life of travel and eats, too.

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3. Noob Cook

Noob Cook

There is nothing noob about the owner of this blog, I tell you. Aside from the recipes that look quite easy to follow, this blog will delight you with the photos. I am a sucker for wonderful food photography, as I've said many times before, and this blog has incredibly gorgeous images.

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4. Cuisine Paradise

Cuisine Paradise

Giving us a beautiful combination of recipes, food and product reviews, and travel posts, this is one of the fantastic Singapore food blogs online today that you must bookmark. From bento boxes to baked treats to dishes that look too complicated for my limited kitchen skills, this is a blog that's got everything.

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5. the Little Teochew

the Little Teochew

From the blog: I started this food diary in 2009, on the spur of the moment, on my 30-something birthday. Age makes you do strange things, doesn't it? If only I could be as accomplished a blogger as Ju when I hit 30... Anyway, this Singapore food blog is a treasure trove of recipes that you simply must check out. From appetizers to main dishes to desserts to festival foods to international dishes, this blog got you covered.

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6. Food Recent Runes

Food Recent Runes

The blogger shares: Eating is a national past time in Singapore. There is very little else to do actually. And I think only in Singapore do we sit at the dining table talking about food we ate, food we are eating and plans on where to eat next. And if you are looking for restaurant reviews from someone who loves good food, this is the blog for you.

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7. Miss Tam Chiak

Miss Tam Chiak

This is one of the great Singapore food blogs today because it combines recipes, restaurant reviews, and just about anything food-related you can do in Singapore. There are many things to love about this blog; one of these is Maureen's bento posts. She's so good!

Aren't these Singapore food blogs wonderful? Whether you plan to holiday in the country or you want to take a journey that will take you only to your kitchen, these Singapore food blogs are worth a visit.

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