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7 Fantastic Seattle Food Blogs ...

By Meream

Seattle Food Blogs are your gateways to wonderful recipes, amazing food photography, culinary instruction, and everything you need to know about where to eat in this beautiful city. The Seattle food blogs we have gathered here will surely delight you. With recipes of dishes that are too good not to copy, these Seattle food blogs deserve a spot on your Google Reader. Let's check them out, shall we? Happy blog-hopping!

1 Salty Seattle

Salty SeattleSalty Seattle is the home on the world wide web of one Linda Miller Nicholson. Hers is one of the amazing Seattle food blogs today for many reasons. One of these is the fact that Linda is a wonderful writer. She is funny and she makes sure that her amazing recipes are easy to follow. Her blog is so good that she has won awards and have been featured on many TV and web programs. If you want to do more than read Linda's blog, you may also want to consider taking one of her cooking classes.

2 Savory Sweet Life

Savory Sweet LifeIf there is one thing that many food bloggers want, it's probably to be famous enough that you get to publish your own cookbook. THAT and more are what Alice of Savory Sweet Life is experiencing. She shares: I started this blog as a creative outlet and an expression of many things I enjoyed most in life: food, photography, and most importantly sharing with others. And because she has wonderful recipes and equally-amazing photos, her blog is one of the best in Seattle and yes, the world.


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3 Orangette

OrangetteThis is a Seattle food blog that has also won many awards and mentions. Aside from being a blog with recipes, Orangette is also truly a delightful part of the Internet. I think it's safe to compare Molly's blog to your favorite comfort food. Molly writes in a way that makes you want to know more. Molly's stories, as much as her recipes, will make you smile, I promise you.

4 Herbivoracious

HerbivoraciousIf meatless cooking is what you're interested in, this is the Seattle food blog that you must bookmark. The man behind this blog is Michael Natkin. On his blog, he wants "to make sure that if you cook a meatless meal tonight" that is "hearty and delicious." Even if you are an avid meat-eater, you will want to look into Michael's recipes (and cookbook!). Just look at the photos! Don't they make you want to have a bite (or two)?

5 Tea & Cookies

Tea & CookiesFrom the blog: Tea & Cookies is where I share the good stuff: recipes to make life delicious, travel & other adventures, books worth reading, photographs to remind us of beauty, and stories from my life & garden in Seattle. And let me tell you, Tara delivers. Her blog is a beautiful mixture of gorgeous photos, recipes, and travel stories.

6 Seattle Tall Poppy

Seattle Tall PoppyHere is another award-winning food blog that you must bookmark. Seattle Tall Poppy is a great resource of food events happening around Seattle. For interviews with chefs and other foodies, this blog is a great read, too.

7 Frantic Foodie

Frantic FoodieThe lady behind Frantic Foodie is Keren Brown. She has written the "Food Lovers' Guide to Seattle." Yes, that pretty much sums up the reason why Frantic Foodie is one of the best Seattle food blogs today. Give her blog a visit!

So there you have some of the** fantastic Seattle food blogs** you can read today. Most of these** Seattle food blogs** cover cooking but there are also some that offer restaurant recommendations and other information that you will surely find useful.

Top Photo Credit: Herbivoracious

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