7 Best Brands of Organic Fruits and Vegetables ...

By Heather

When you head out to the supermarket this week, be sure you buy a few things from the best brands of organic fruits and vegetables during your trip. There are multitudes of organic brands out there when it comes to produce, but I've found that few lack consistency when it comes to product quality. I don't like to spend extra money on organic produce only to have it wilt or spoil quickly, and I'm sure you don't either. The following best brands of organic fruits and vegetables are always in top condition, never spoil the day after I bring them home, and always taste incredibly fresh. Best of all, most are very affordable even if you're on a tight budget. Try a couple of these out so you can taste and see the difference too!

1 Cascadian Farm

One of the best brands of organic fruits and vegetables is Cascadian Farm, which produces mostly frozen fruits and vegetables, along with other organic items like granola bars and cereal. Whether you choose their frozen berry assortment or some of their frozen veggies like peas and green beans, you'll always be glad you spent your money on this brand.

2 365 Organic

If you're a Whole Foods fan then you already know that the store's 365 Organic brand is one of the best to choose from every single trip. Not only are prices consistently low, but all their products are always top notch. Whole Foods 365 brand sells canned, fresh, and frozen assortments of a variety of different vegetables, not to mention other types of organic products like almond milk, cereal, and yogurt as well.

3 Earthbound Organics

Earthbound Farms produces a wide variety of fresh and frozen varieties of fruits and vegetables, along with dried fruit and most recently, smoothie kits! The brand's frozen kale, spinach, butternut squash, and green beans are all some of the best frozen items I've ever had. Their fresh salad greens are also always fresh, and perfect with a side of their pre-cut apple slices. The brand even has their own cookbook dedicated to real, fresh foods straight from organic farms.

4 Organic Girl

Organic Girl is one of the newer, trendier brands of organic greens on the market. They carry greens such as romaine, mixed salad greens, and specialty blends of greens you won't find elsewhere. The brand is also dedicated to sustainability and all of their packaging is 100% recyclable, meaning your dollars do more than just keep you feeling well - they also preserve the environment and go towards a greater cause.

5 Marketside

Like many of you, I'm a girl on a tight budget so I love Walmart's organic brand, Marketside. The brand is always consistent with delivering fresh greens like organic spinach, herb mixes, and simple salad mixes. So long as you make sure the expiration date is good, you'll never believe you're able to save money on such quality organic produce.

6 Harvest Farms

Harvest Farms is an organic brand carried at select supermarkets nationwide. It's not available at larger stores like Whole Foods, but instead caters to smaller supermarkets, like Ingles Markets, a chain located in the Southeast. Harvest Farms produces a multitude of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, along with canned items like salsa, applesauce, and more.

7 Your Local Farmers

Last but not least, the absolute best organic fruits and vegetables will always come from your local farm - period. Buying local not only saves you money but also ensures your dollars support local agriculture. Not to mention, the produce is always fresher when you buy from local organic farmers and most of the time it tastes better too.

Do you buy any of these brands? What are your go-to organic items you try to buy each week?

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