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Traveling can pose quite the challenge for all of us healthy eaters out there, but luckily there are truly some healthy hotel foods to choose wherever you might be staying. If you can’t bring your own snacks, or the hotel room doesn’t have a fridge, you can just opt to eat at the hotel’s restaurant or order room service. Most hotels have healthy options, which I’ve highlighted here as some of the safest options. While the breakfast buffet may look tempting, go with one of these healthy hotel foods instead!

1. Oatmeal


One of the best basic healthy hotel foods you can order from room service is oatmeal! Just order it plain and bring some of your favorite sweetener with you. Ask for some cinnamon, which most places can also provide. I like bringing stevia packets and cinnamon with me on all my trips so I’m prepared for emergencies like this!

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2. Yogurt


Since Greek yogurt has become so popular these days, yogurt is also almost always available wherever you go. Opt for the lowest sugar option possible that the hotel offers. Yogurt is a great protein option instead of that bacon and sausage most likely offered!

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3. Whole Grain Bread

Whole Grain Bread

If you tolerate gluten, opt for a whole grain sandwich or even a piece of toast for breakfast. This is a better option than a piece of white bread. Many hotels also offer gluten-free options now, which is even better!

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4. Veggies


Ask for steamed veggies whenever you can. Even if they aren’t on the menu, almost all hotels can and will accommodate this request. Just ask for no butter or oil, and you're good to go! If you can get them raw, even better!

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5. A Lean Salad

A Lean Salad

Next, one of my personal favorite choices is to get a salad for a healthy option, but be careful! Be sure to order one without cheese, croutons and ask for dressing on the side. Also, opt for lean sources of protein like chicken, boiled eggs or fish if you can. Never opt for the bacon if you want the leanest option.

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6. Fish


Many hotels now offer fish as a main entree dish. If you’re having dinner, definitely opt for this healthy fat and lean protein option. Just be sure it isn’t breaded or fried, and ask for it to be baked or seared for the healthiest option.

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7. Eggs


If you’re enjoying the breakfast buffet or room service, get either plain scrambled eggs, or opt for 1 egg and 2 whites for your omelette. Unless you ask, or it’s specified on the menu, most places will use whole eggs and butter.

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8. Fruit


Fruit is a great snack or a healthy breakfast option if you want something light. Almost all hotels have fruit, so feel free to enjoy this healthy option.

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9. Smart Drinks

Smart Drinks

Lastly, for your beverages, stick with plain water (with lemon if you need it), coffee with skim milk or soy milk and stevia, and herbal or black tea with stevia. Most places do not have stevia, so you’ll need to keep some packets with you for situations like this. Or, you can always drink it plain. Try not to opt for the minibar, but if you have a treat, stick with one glass of red wine for the healthiest option.

Traveling doesn’t mean all or nothing when it comes to your healthy eating plan and goals. I also use the minibar for a fridge and don't buy anything in it, as a little secret! If you travel a good bit, what healthy hotel food do you find to be most helpful?

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