7 Fast Food Burgers with the Most Calories ...


7 Fast Food Burgers with the Most Calories ...
7 Fast Food Burgers with the Most Calories ...

Why is it that we’re always craving the burgers with the most calories? It’s something about the salty, cheesy, hot, beefy goodness that always gets us every time. It’s not healthy to eat these burgers every day but once in a while it’s okay to give in to your food cravings. Next time you stop by your favourite restaurant, keep in mind the following information as well as how you can reduce the calories. Here’s a list of the top 7 burgers with the most calories.

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Baconator, Wendy’s

Baconator, Wendy’s Calories: 940
The Baconator (sounds dangerous, right?) is made up of two ¼ lb beef patties, bacon, mayo, ketchup, two slices of cheese and a bun. That’s only 6 ingredients but combined they pack a deadly punch. If you can’t live without the Baconator, try customizing your burger by removing the sauces and cheese and substitute them for veggies like tomatoes or lettuce. You’ll cut 120 calories, making this, one of the burgers with the most calories a little less shocking.


Sirloin Cheeseburger with Bacon, Jack in the Box

Sirloin Cheeseburger with Bacon, Jack in the Box Calories: 1,030
Sirloin. Cheese. Bacon. My mouth is watering. Unfortunately the 1030 calories doesn’t sound as appealing. If you really had your mind set on eating a sirloin burger for lunch today, try ordering the Sirloin Swiss & Grilled Onion Burger which is 930 calories – it’s only 100 calories less, but every calorie counts!


The Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger, Carl’s Jr

The Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger, Carl’s Jr Calories: 1,030
This sandwich is perfect for the cowgirl in all of us - The Western Bacon Six Dollar Burger (it’s fun to say) contains 1 black angus beef patty, three strips of bacon, two slices of cheese, three onion rings, and BBQ sauce all smothered in between a sesame bun. However, if you minus one onion ring, one sesame bun, one slice of cheese, one piece of bacon and add one honey bun, one slice of tomato and one leaf lettuce, and only half the BBQ sauce your new calorie total comes to 870 calories!


Bacon Chedder Bigger Burger, White Spot

Bacon Chedder Bigger Burger, White Spot Calories: 1,076
Gosh! How do all these restaurants know our weakness is melted cheese, 100% beef patties and bacon? It’s ridiculous. And so is the number of calories in this burger! Surprisingly though, if you were to order this burger with all its fixings, bacon and cheese included, but just asked for no Triple O sauce on the burger, you would bring the calorie count of this burger down to 853 calories!


Triple Meat Whataburger, Whataburger

Triple Meat Whataburger, Whataburger Calories: 1,130
Why eat a Triple Meat Whataburger when you can eat an entire Double Meat Whataburger Jr. meal for 220 calories less? Both burgers come with the same dressings. However the Double Meat Whataburger Jr. comes with small fries and a drink and is still less the calories than a single Triple Meat Whataburger!


2/3 Lb Monster Thickburger, Hardee’s

2/3 Lb Monster Thickburger, Hardee’s Calories: 1,300
If the word "monster" in this sandwich’s title wasn’t enough to scare you, the amount of calories definitely will. I get stuffed just thinking about what’s in this burger... two 1/3 lb Black Angus beef patties, 4 strips of bacon, 3 slices of cheese ,and mayo on a sesame bun. Substitute the 2/3 lb Monster Thickburger for Hardee’s 1/3 lb Bacon Cheese Thickburger and you’ll receive a little less of the bad stuff, a few more veggies and 450 fewer calories.


Triple Whopper, Burger King

Triple Whopper, Burger King Calories: 1,730
The Triple Whooper is the sequel to Burger King’s signature Whopper burger. The Triple Whopper consists of THREE ¼ beef patties, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, pickles, onions and the bun. On the other hand, if you remove the sauces, add extra lettuce and tomato and downgrade your Triple Whopper to a Double, you’ll save 410 calories!

Depending on your height, weight, and lifestyle we all have a recommended amount of calories we should be consuming on a daily basis. The average woman between 19 – 30 years old should have a calorie intake of 2,000-2,200 per day (webmd.com) so keep in mind that each of these burgers already take up half the calories you should be eating for the day. What are your favourite junk foods and what do you do to reduce the calories?

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I didn't know that's such thing as a triple whopper!!!

Where I live,we only have Burger King and Wendy's haha...which might be a good thing!

How about making a list of the lower calorie burgers. It's a given, w/the huge buns and large amounts of meats & cheeses these burgers made the list. And who the hell would eat three burger patties in one sitting! GROSS! It makes me gag just thinking about it!

Cara delevingne mmmmm....yummy

Wendy's is my favorite! I think it's not really bad for enjoying burger only once for a week?

Wow, I am honestly surprised the McDonalds Angus burger didn't make this list! I thought that was big, but apparently not...

I agree ^^ I give myself Saturday to eat whatever the hell I want, I stay on track during the week at work where it is easier to follow a regimen, it helps me to not feel deprived and I'm continuing to lose weight, I would never though eat a hamburger with 3 patties!! But I do love a good Bacon Burger!!

Omg I want a hamburger so bad right now...

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