7 Best Spring Seasonal Fruits ...


7 Best Spring Seasonal Fruits ...
7 Best Spring Seasonal Fruits ...

The warm weather is finally here and we can enjoy sitting outside while drinking a glass of lemonade, and eating Spring seasonal fruits. Every fruit has its own season when it's riper and juicier than the rest. You only want the best for your recipes, so read along to discover what are fresh Spring seasonal fruits to enjoy...

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Strawberries... I've seen this Spring seasonal fruit popping up all over Instagram lately, a lot of bloggers seem to be growing their own strawberries right in their backyard! In most areas of the US the best time to eat strawberries and use them for pies, jams, and other recipes is between April and June. I love putting strawberries in my grilled chicken salad, it mixes in a sweet taste and a nice pop of color.



Mangoes... This tropical Spring seasonal fruit comes from warmer climates like India, where it is ripe from March through June. It is a very popular fruit in the US and can be found in many Spring and Summertime recipes for sorbet, salsa, and smoothies. Yum, I bet they would all taste great served during an outdoor barbecue!



Cherries... Are you having a picnic and need only the freshest cherries for your pie? Well you better act fast because this Spring seasonal fruit has a short growing season of just May to June. Mark it on your calendar to head to the farmer's market mid May to get your stock of cherries. I've never been a big cherry pie fan myself, but I do love cherry water ice and gelato!


Honeydew Melon...

Honeydew Melon... I love the color of Spring seasonal fruits; they inspire you to be cheerful and refreshed. This beautiful honeydew melon has a very long season that starts in May and lasts through October depending on where you live. It is a great source of potassium if you aren't a big fan of bananas and are looking for other fruits to eat. Check out this delightful melon cooler recipe that includes kiwi and coconut water at eat-spin-run-repeat.com, delish!



Blueberries... I could eat this super food every day: in yogurt, salads, and my favorite...blueberry muffins! Harvest time for this tasty little fruit is between May and August in the US. Check out our post on how you can grow your very own blueberry bush at gardening.allwomenstalk.com.

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Apricots... This Spring seasonal fruit may look like a peach, but it is actually fuzzier and tarter than its lookalike. Apricots are in season from May to July and should be used in recipes or eaten right away when they become ripe. Dried apricots are another great source of potassium like our other Spring fruit friend, honeydew.



Rhubarb... So according to Wikipedia, Rhubarb was classified as a fruit in a New York court in 1947, very interesting! So whether you call it a vegetable or a fruit, this is a very Spring seasonal food item. It is very popularly used as a fruit in pies, tarts, and jams. For those who grow Rhubarb, it is one of the very first signs that Spring is here! There's a very tasty souffle recipe that includes this funny little plant, check it out at food.allwomenstalk.com.

Are you using any of these Spring seasonal fruits in your recipes? Do you have any of these Spring seasonal fruits in your garden?

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At #5 , one author hates the word superfood ... Great list anyways !!

African mango taste good too.


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