7 Delicious Tropical Fruits That Will Please Your Taste Buds ...


7 Delicious Tropical Fruits That Will Please Your Taste Buds ...
7 Delicious Tropical Fruits That Will Please Your Taste Buds ...

One of the things I miss most about Asia is the large selection of delicious tropical fruits they offer. My mom's side of the family used to have huge gatherings every Chinese New Year in the small village where she grew up. I loved how it was so far away from civilization and had the freshest, most delicious tropical fruits. We could even pick them ourselves!

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Durian Starting off our list of delicious tropical fruits is the 'King of Fruits.' This is a prickly one (pun intended). It has a creamy texture which lets you turn the flesh into ice cream just by freezing it. But what makes it stand out is the strong and distinct smell and taste that it has, which you'll either love or hate. I have just recently learnt how to appreciate its goodness, which saddens me when I realize all those years I've wasted.



Mangosteen Although not as prominent, it is sometimes known as the 'Queen of Fruits.' The only thing that is has in common with 'the King,' though, is that a huge seed dominates the flesh. Unlike the durian, it is a small fruit with smooth purple skin. Oh, there's one more thing that makes them similar. They're both seasonal, boo.



Mango I love mangoes but they frustrate me. We have a complicated relationship, as you can tell. I got tricked by cheap Cambodian mangoes and not so cheap African dried mangoes. It's so hard to tell which ones are good because there's so many of them! The best dried mangoes to me would be the ones from the Philippines, whereas fresh mangoes would come from my neighbor's tree back home. Sorry, guys.



Soursop As you can probably tell by the name, it's sour, but in a nice way. This is another difficult fruit to choose because it tends to rot easily. You'll also find your hands dripping wet because it's really juicy, which is awesome. I quite like that sensation actually.



Jackfruit My whole family loves this. My mom loves it too, but she hates buying it because the smell is so strong that it lingers in her car, which is why I'm grateful for my dad. And the best thing about this is that you can basically get it anywhere, anytime! Can't you just hear the angels sing?



Guava There was a time when I had this every day after school. The best ones are, of course, the pink ones. But if you don't get that luxury, the normal one's a pretty fair substitute. A lot of people have the normal one with sour plum powder, which somehow makes it taste better even if they got the lower quality ones.


Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit There are 3 different variations to the pitaya, which are white, red and yellow. The yellow one is the best and most expensive out of the three because it's the sweetest. Another reason why people love it is because it's got loads of fiber. Trust me, you won't have to worry about constipation, it'll be a smooth journey all the way.

I sincerely love every fruit on this list. Hence, I will now quote a Marks&Spencer shopping bag, 'There is no love greater than the love of food.' Which are your favorites and which do you love?

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Jackfruit is so gross omg never again! Soursop anytimeeee and mangoes lol

I really love durian and jackfruit even if it makes me have some pimples. I know many foreigner can't stand their smell.

an amazing list... mango and duian are my favorites... lychee is also heavenly

Philippine mangoes are the best. I tried other mangoes and the taste isn't the same. I eat mangoes 3-4 times a week.

Love mangos and guava but never tried the other ones

Guava! ❤️❤️

Jackfruit is my favorite!

I will always love mangoes . The green, the ripe and the dried. Mango, soursop and pineapple from the Philippines are the best. ❤️❤️❤️

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