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One of my kids has to eat gluten-free and I have to admit that when we first got started on the meal plan, it was tough. I found great comfort in hearing what other people in the trenches had to say about it. Now that I’m used to his gluten-free diet, I like to read about new and different foods that I can make for him while also ensuring that he gets the nutrients he needs to be healthy. Gluten-free blogs are a prime place to look for such information, so I’m going to share some of the best with you here.

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Gluten-Free Goddess


You want to be a goddess, don’t you? This blog will help! The author offers you tons and tons of recipes for making anything gluten-free. That includes bread, muffins, desserts, soups and slow cooker meals that are safe to eat. You’ll also find great advice for cooking gluten-free, including substitutions and baking tips. This blog covers virtually anything you want or need to know about preparing gluten-free foods at home.


Celiac Chicks


One of the hardest things about being gluten-free is eating in restaurants. It can be very hard to find a meal that’s safe while also making sure it hasn’t been contaminated in the kitchen. The Celiac Chicks blog gives you great ways to enjoy a meal out without freaking out. You’ll get all sorts of restaurant reviews, suggestions regarding what to order and loads of good stuff about traveling if you’re gluten-free.


Book of Yum


I love the name of this blog! It’s a great choice is you are cooking gluten-free for kids. There are lots of recipes that little ones are willing to eat that are completely free of gluten. The author of this blog also offers links to lots of resources that can help you find more information about eating gluten-free.


Book of Yum is a fantastic blog for parents who are looking for gluten-free recipes for their children. The blog was created by a mother who was looking for ways to feed her kids delicious, healthy gluten-free meals. The blog offers a variety of recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Each recipe is easy to make and uses ingredients that are readily available in most grocery stores.

In addition to the recipes, Book of Yum also provides helpful tips and advice on living a gluten-free lifestyle. The author shares her own experiences and provides links to other resources that can help parents learn more about gluten-free cooking and eating. She also offers information on how to identify and avoid gluten in food, as well as advice on how to make gluten-free meals more enjoyable for children.


Gluten-Free Girl


If you’re someone who has loads of questions, this blog can probably answer quite a few of them. There is an entire section devoted to questions and answers. You’ll also get lots of recipes and book reviews. There are also tutorial videos that will help you make a fabulous gluten-free meal anytime. You are going to love how fun this blog is to look and read.


The Crispy Cook


What I love about this blog is that it focuses on in-season and healthy ingredients. If you check back often, you can find yummy gluten-free recipes that utilize what’s in season, which means it’s likely cheaper. There are also loads of recipes that let you use the foods you grow in your garden. Set aside some time to read this blog because you are going to be hooked in no time.




If you’re after a blog that is visually appealing, this is the one. The blog has lots of fun colors and patterns, but there is also a wealth of great gluten-free info too. The mission of the blog is to make gluten-free eating fun and enjoyable. With that in mind, try out some of the tasty food and drink recipes on the site. There is also a lot of information on being gluten-free complete with links for learning more.


Gluten Free Mommy


This is a fun blog if you cook gluten-free for kids. The author is a mom herself so you know that her recipes taste good, are kid-friendly and won’t take hours to prepare. You can also join in the menu swap to find fun new dinner ideas from other moms.

Are you gluten-free? What are some of your favorite resources for finding new recipes and advice? I hope some of these blogs help you out as much as they’ve helped me.


Gluten Free Mommy is a blog written by a mom who cooks gluten-free for her kids. The blog offers recipes that are kid-friendly and easy to prepare, as well as a menu swap where readers can find new dinner ideas from other moms. The blog also provides advice and resources for those who are gluten-free. The blog is an excellent resource for those looking for gluten-free recipes and advice.

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