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7 Righteously Raw Food Blogs That I Just Love ...

By Heather

If you read raw food blogs, you’re probably like me and never mind finding a new one to love. Raw food blogs are such a great way to not only find out about how to simplify your eating lifestyle, but they also open you up to the world of holistic health. Here’s the key thing though: you don’t have to eat an all raw diet, or even a raw diet period, to get benefits from reading raw food blogs. In fact, my favorite thing about reading raw food blogs is that they show me how to eat veggies and fruits in a delicious, creative way. Trust me, I would have never learned to actually love kale if I hadn’t read a raw food blog first. In fact, I learned about smoothies through raw food blogs, and now, that’s one of my favorite things I like to share with my blog readers, and that I eat in my everyday life. I also learned how to make a killer salad that even makes my family look interested. Raw food blogs can teach you whatever you want them to, or just give you good ideas for meals. If nothing else, they’re always a great place to look at tasty photos! Check out my favorites and share any more with me that you might have.

1 This Rawesome Vegan Life

Emily behind This Rawesome Vegan Life is killing it in the world of raw food blogs. In fact, if she was on iTunes, she’s be all over the hottest iTunes list, but since we’re talking about blogs here, let’s get back to that. Not only is Emily funny, real, and honest, but she’s also a beautiful food artist, recipe artist and photographer. She also seems pretty down to earth. The best part is, she’s really into REAL food. She’s not into laboring recipes that take 5 hours to make. She doesn’t use a dehydrator for all her meals, or a spiralizer every night for dinner. All those raw food tools are great, but mainly, she shows readers how to use real, whole foods to create simple, or somewhat simple, recipes that are full of beauty, flavor and variety. You’ll never see Emily making the same smoothie every morning! From desserts to juices, to smoothies to salads, she has something for everyone!

2 Choosing Raw

Gena Hamshaw of Choosing Raw was the first raw food blogger I ever discovered. From the get go, I was drawn to the fact that she didn’t eat all raw, but high raw. Now, Gena incorporates raw foods in many of her meals, but not necessarily all of them. What she does do is advocate the beauty of living raw foods, and sticks to eating a whole foods diet as much as possible. Gena discovered a raw food diet after becoming a passionate vegan, and since has designed a blog that always advocates whole, living foods to everyone. She is 100% vegan, and so incredibly genuine through her words. She’s also intelligent and relays more than just thoughts about raw food on her blog. Yet, her recipes are so simple to make, delicious and amazing! Her breakfast dishes and desserts are my personal favorites!

3 Rawmazing

Susan Powers from Rawmazing is an incredible person. Her blog isn’t only beautiful, but so is she! She’s passionate about raw food because of the heightened state of health it helped her reach, which is the reason many raw food bloggers love raw food as much as they do. Susan has every kind of dish imaginable from simple to gourmet, from breakfast to dessert, from juices to smoothies, to everything in between. Check her out and be sure to check out her books too. She has a great page on her website dedicated to resources and guidelines and self-care tips as well.

4 Young and Raw

This blog was fairly new to me, but one I love all the same. Young and Raw is all about learning to eat healthy and mostly raw as a person living in today’s culture full of busy schedules, unhealthy fast food and dieting trends. Young and Raw is a fresh, new blog that is unlike most I’ve seen thus far. They feature different recipes, articles about health and tons of helpful tips like how to eat healthy during travel. They even have free raw beauty recipes for your beauty routine, tips for self care, tips on holistic health, information about health and nutrition, raw food recipes, raw food tips and just about anything else you want to know. They even have classes available for whole food cleanses, or learning how eat healthy.

5 Kristin’s Raw

Kristin Suzanne took the world by storm in 2008 and 2009 when her raw food books sold of off the shelves like wildfire, along with her blog, Kristin’s Raw, being one of the best blogs to follow. Kristin was a huge movement in the entire world of raw food for years. She has raw food books available for download and I personally own two of her books, including one on smoothies and one on desserts. I also love her approach to eating raw veggies in salads, entrees and more. Here’s the real reason I love Kristin now more than ever though. For years, she was just like many other raw foodists who ate certain foods, used the same ingredients in recipes, etc. Now? Well, now she is actually an omnivore and not raw at all, yet she does promote raw foods. Why? Because she’s proof that while a person can be passionate about raw food on all levels, just like I am, that it may not be the best diet for them 100% of the time. She’s not hiding the fact that her body told her it needed animal protein, nor is she hiding it from readers. Some people may hate her for this, but you can still find ALL the raw information that you could previously find on her blog and even see her food journals where she still eats raw food, but you can also see that she now enjoys cooked food and animal protein. I love that’s she’s real, honest and still loves being raw when it’s right for her body.

6 The Best of Raw Food

The second raw food blog I found was The Best of Raw Food, which I found by doing a simple Google search on raw food. This blog is straight-forward, so helpful and has fabulous recipes beyond no end! Created to help the everyday person and most advanced person enjoy raw food, this blog is one that I think everyone should read. It shows people how to eat real, whole foods in a delicious way that is good for them. It has a quick “How to Get Started” guide, a shopping list, FAQ, etc. It even has a kitchen guide and helpful tips about how to make meal prep easier.

7 Chef Amber Shea

You may previously remember this raw food blogger as the Practically Raw blog. Amber Shea is one of my favorite raw food bloggers because for years, she was a phenomenal all raw foodist, who created the most amazing recipes and has tons of great books on the market dedicated to raw food. Now? Now, she’s taken a turn and learned to embrace health over a perfectly raw diet. Some people live their whole lives eating raw and live healthy. Amber, however, discovered after several years that her body needed some adjustments. It was telling her it had greater needs, and now she incorporates cooked foods and some animal foods in her diet. What I love more than anything is all her books are still about raw food because she truly does love it, and truly is a wonderful raw gourmet chef. Her blog’s name is now dedicated to her culinary inspiration regarding food, rather than being 100% raw. I promise, with just one or two glances at this blog, you’ll love her as much as I do.

Raw food isn’t the perfect diet, and neither is any other diet perfect. Perfection in food does not exist and you can’t become perfect by eating a raw diet. My favorite thing about raw food blogs is the fact that they share how to enjoy raw food and even cooked food, in some of the healthiest ways. Do you follow raw food blogs? Or, do you eat raw food?


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