7 Chinese Dishes You Need to Try ...


When I moved to Shanghai in 2010, I thought I have enough knowledge of most Chinese dishes you need to try that food magazines aways write about. But living in China and eating Chinese food is different from living in another country and eating Chinese food. Chinese dishes are not just limited to sweet and sour pork and egg rolls; they cover a wide range of selection depending on the region you are in - Sichuan, Hainan, Canton, and more. I now live in Guangzhou, and it's another gastronomic treat to experience. Let me share my short list of seven Chinese dishes you need to try.

1. Xi菐ol贸ngb膩o (Soup Dumplings)

Xi菐ol贸ngb膩o (Soup Dumplings)

I met these tiny pieces of heaven during my first few days in Shanghai and girl, they are pure delight, earning them the top spot in my list of seven Chinese dishes you need to try. Think of itty-bitty pork buns with a surprise the moment you bite into them. This dish has made its way in the Western world so scout your local Chinese restaurants to try some!

B臅ij墨ng K膬oy膩 (Peking Duck)
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