7 Cool Uses for Ginger You Haven't Tried ...


Think the only uses for ginger are those ginger snap cookies you make around the holidays? Think again! There are plenty of uses for ginger you probably haven’t tried that go beyond those cookies your grandmother used to make. Try these seven cool uses for ginger that will blow you away!

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Tea Ginger tea is all the rage these days! It improves digestion, boosts circulation, and is super refreshing after any meal. This makes one of the easiest and most beneficial uses for ginger. You can find ginger tea bags at most health food stores. You can even pour boiling water over a few slices of raw ginger root for an all-natural and cleansing tea.


Ginger Ale

Ginger Ale You might think of bottled soft drinks or soda cans when I mention ginger ale, but making your own ginger ale is actually super healthy and super easy! If you don’t have a soda maker machine, simply mix seltzer with a little simple syrup that’s been infused with some fresh ginger root. Add a twist of lemon or lime if you’re feeling adventurous and you’ve got a refreshing and stomach-soothing drink that’s much healthier than store bought ginger ale.



Smoothies Green smoothies are still a very popular food trend these days. If you like starting your day with a smoothie at breakfast, consider adding a piece of raw ginger root to your morning beverage. Start with a small amount, about the size of your thumb, and gradually work your way up to using more ginger. If you’re out of fresh ginger, a teaspoon of dried ginger could work too.



Soups There are a ton of soups that taste great when you add ginger to them! A roasted squash bisque or pureed carrot soup all taste better when accompanied by the warm and spicy notes of ginger. Grate a tablespoon of fresh ginger in a giant pot of soup and see how you like the taste. Ginger tends to overpower many dishes, so start small and adjust to your own liking.



Curries Curry wouldn’t be curry without a healthy dose of ginger. Warming spices like turmeric, cinnamon, and chili powder all pair well with ginger. Homeopathic remedies often say it’s this special combination of spices that aids in digestion and eases a variety of chronic illnesses. A dash of ginger can easily take your chicken curry from mediocre to magnificent.


Baked Goods

Baked Goods Ginger isn’t only for ginger snap cookies or gingerbread men. It’s found its way into many baked goods that taste great with this spicy note. Try adding a little cinnamon and ginger powder to your banana bread. Ginger also works great with carrot or pumpkin muffins/cakes!



Marinades Ginger complements many protein marinades very well. It’s a great choice for both summer and winter dishes. You can easily marinate chicken with a little ginger, lime, and cilantro for a flavorful entrée in the warmer months. Conversely, you can add ginger to beef or lamb before roasting it in the oven for winter. Either way, it can add a subtle note of flavor and heat to any dish.

Ginger is a fantastic and healthy spice to use in a ton of different dishes. Whether it’s your morning oatmeal or a sumptuous bowl of curry, you can never go from with this warm and comforting spice. What are some of your favorite uses for ginger?

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great info! will try them all! thanks!

Ginger beer is the bomb. I love it and couldn't find it until recently in the US. It is different from ale in that it has usually been fermented like a beer just with no alcohol.

I love ginger! just started using fresh ginger recently and I wish I would have known about it sooner. it's delicious

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