Copycat Starbucks ☕️ Recipes to Make at Home 🏡 and save 💰 ...

Are there days when you want a Starbucks but do not feel like waiting in line? Also, are all those 5 dollars becoming 100 dollars?

Do I have the video for you! 3 Starbucks drinks you can make at home!

Published on Sep 21, 2016

Which was your favorite drink? Be your own barista!

1. Salted Iced Caramel Mocha

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Were you first in line? Is this drink to your liking? A little coffee, a little chocolate and a little caramel? Kind-of

2. Iced Caramel Mocchiato

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Excuse me miss, would you rather have this drink? The strongest of the 3.

3. Iced Chai Latte

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In the mood for tea, madam? Then, I think you are going to like this drink.

You do not even need a Keurig. A regular coffee maker can do just as good.

In the video, she used regular coffee. Personally, I would play with various flavored coffee grounds, along with different coffee syrups and ice cream syrups at any time of day! Now that is service!

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