8 Delectable but Affordable Party Foods ...


8 Delectable but Affordable Party Foods ...
8 Delectable but Affordable Party Foods ...

Party Foods can cost a lot, especially if you plan a repast with a lot of variety. For holiday parties that can be especially difficult, because let's face it, you already have to spend a ton of money during the holiday season. But guess what? You can easily find, make, or buy delicious but inexpensive party foods, with enough variety to please every palate! From standard favorites to original deliciousness, check out these totally delectable but super affordable party foods!

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Chicken Fingers

Baked or fried, homemade or store bought, chicken fingers are classic party foods. If you want to go the healthier route and bake them, you can find tons of recipes. However, they are also affordable to buy. If you want to add some zing, go all out and make an array of dipping sauces to accompany your fingers!


Miniature Meatballs

Again, miniature meatballs can be bought or made, but in this case, I think it's cheaper and healthier to make them. You can choose what kind of meat you buy, for one thing. You can even mix ground turkey with ground beef, or go with turkey all the way. Protip: get some fresh mozzarella to either mix in or stuff in the middle! Skewered on toothpicks, these are easy to eat and so delish!


Personal Pizzas

Mini pizzas are among my favorite party foods. You can make them from scratch or buy them ready made. When you make them yourself, it's easy to tailor them to your guests tastes, and they're surprisingly quick and easy to make!


Veggie Trays

Veggies and crudites with scrumptious dips are great for parties. It's easy to buy a tray that's already put together, but you might find that it's more affordable to buy the items individually. Then, you can stock up on in-season veggies as well as your guests' favorites.


Tarts and Tartlettes

Tartlettes and tarts are scrumptious as party foods, and they're versatile as well. They can be sweet or savory, they're easy to carry around, they're easy to make, and they don't cost a lot to buy either. Check out some recipes, or price some ready made options at your local grocery store.

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Potato Latkes

I love potato latkes, but I never see them at parties! I know they can be difficult to make, but potatoes are super cheap. Still, you can find lots of delicious ready made items, too. Protip: if you don't want to go to all the trouble, think about using different vegetables, like zucchini or butternut squash.



Sometimes party foods are just simple. Crostinis definitely fit the bill. All you need is a baguette and the toppings of your choice! Get a little inventive, try using vegetable purees.


Petit Fours

Made or bought, petit fours take care of your dessert needs. They can be eaten in a bite, they don't make a mess, and they're easy to carry around the party. Try making petit fours out of your favorite cookie or brownie recipe for a delicious alternative.

You definitely don't have to spend a lot of money on party foods when throwing a soiree, no matter what time of year it is. Whatever the occasion, you can make or buy delectable treats that will please all of your guests. Sometimes it's cheaper to make your party foods, while others cost less when you buy them. What are some of your favorite party foods and recipes?

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