7 Delicious and Easy Things to do with Champagne ...


Oh, the things to do with champagne! What a luxurious and decadent thing to have on hand at home. And what an easy way to impress all your guests. Champagne comes in all price ranges, so you can find a bottle that doesn’t break the bank. Check out these things to do with champagne and get ready to indulge.

1. Make Mimosas

Make Mimosas

A mimosa is a tasty drink that pairs well with brunch foods, but is also an elegant cocktail to offer at a dinner party or lunch get together. It's also the most popular of the things to do with champagne. Simply combine the champagne with orange juice. The ratio is up to you. Half and half is a great place to start, but you can do 1/3 champagne and 2/3 orange juice for something that is a bit less stiff. Bottoms up!

Plump up Strawberries
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