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There are many different teas to try out the next time you’re at the grocery store. Not only can they be warm and delicious, but they also hold so many health benefits that you can’t get from other beverages! Whether you’re looking to combat heart disease or maybe simply lower your cholesterol, there are different teas that you can try to fix those! If you’re looking for a tea to wake you up in the morning or calm you down at night, there’s something here for you!

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White Tea

White Tea There are so many different teas to try, and white tea is a good place to start if you’re looking to try new teas. It’s not nearly as strong as more common teas, making it a good tea to try if you don’t usually like tea. It also reaps the most health benefits. It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as prevents cancer. If you want to try tea because of its many health benefits but haven’t necessarily liked tea in the past, white tea is a great place to start!


Sleepytime Tea

Sleepytime Tea Most teas have staggering caffeine contents, which is great if you drink tea to wake you up in the morning. If you want to drink tea to calm you down, though, try Sleepytime Tea! There are a few different kinds to try, so pick the type you think you’d like the most and you’re good to go! If you’re looking for something to calm you down and help you relax after a busy day, Sleepytime Tea is the way to go!


Orange Pekoe Tea

Orange Pekoe Tea Orange tea is another tea with insane health benefits. It’s a black tea, but holds so many more health benefits than black tea usually does. It has a ton of antioxidants to combat aging, as well as so many heart health benefits. If you’re looking to stay young for as long as possible, try orange pekoe tea! Its benefits are never-ending, especially when it comes to premature aging!


English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast Tea English breakfast tea is one of the most common teas you can try, and it sometimes gets a bad rap, even though it shouldn’t. If you’re looking for a healthier caffeine fix instead of your morning coffee, English breakfast tea is the best option for you. English breakfast tea has the highest caffeine content of any tea, so if you’re looking for a quick option to wake up in the morning, you need to try this tea!


Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea If you’re looking for a tea to help you lose weight, try oolong. It’s proven to be the best tea to combat weight gain. Oolong tea is also great if you’re battling more serious weight issues, such as obesity or cardiovascular disease. In fact, oolong tea is sometimes used as treatment for these health issues! No matter how serious the issue, oolong tea is a great and delicious tea for combating weight issues!


Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea Peppermint tea is often overlooked when it comes to common teas, but it has so many benefits. It soothes an upset stomach, as well as relaxes you after a long day. It’s also great if you have a cold. The mint and tea properties can soothe a sore throat as well as clear up your cold! In my opinion, it’s a much tastier alternative to cold medicine!


Green Tea

Green Tea Green tea is one of the most common teas you can try, but many people don’t realize just how great it is for you! Name any health issue you may have, and it can probably be remedied with green tea. It clears your skin, delays Parkinson’s, and helps combat depression. Besides the health benefits, it’s also a great tasting, natural tea!

What’s your favorite type of tea? Will you try any of these teas out? Let me know in the comments!

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Love all of them since I discovered David's Tea !Oolong, rooibos, white and green

Sleepy time is from the gods. Nothing more to be said.

Great article! I love tea. My favorite is green tea and peppermint tea! I just bought black tea instead of drinking coffee. I want to drink black tea, but I want to try English breakfast tea in the morning. I love drinking sleepy time tea after work and before bed it really soothes me ☺️

I am a tea lover now! Seven blossoms is great for relaxing. My fav. Is green tea. Loved this article

Green tea

I always have the English breakfast tea. Also the good earth sweet and spicy tea is really good

Love tea! I've been on a chai tea kick for a while now. So yummy.

looove tea! gonna try them all!

Orange pekoe tea! ❤️

Have tried all except oolong few more teas to try is black , red n chamomile , jasmine n orange

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