Delicious 😋 Recipe for Iced ❄️ Coffee ☕️ ...

OK. I might sound different, but I love iced coffee! For some odd reason, I find hot coffee depressing and iced coffee uplifting. I begin every day with iced coffee and end each day with iced coffee.

So, I thought I would find a YouTube video to demonstrate to you how I make iced coffee and so can you!

Tasmin Dhaliwal
Published on Jan 25, 2016

The difference between Tasmin and me?

1. I Use a Large Plastic Travel Cup to Drink Iced Coffee with

2. With Each Travel Cup of Iced Coffee, I Use about a Tray of Ice Cubes

3. Following, I Have Used a Glass Jar Mug Once or Twice but do Not like as Good

4. I Tend to Not Use Straws or Milk. I Simply Place the Lid on Top

5. Next, I do Use Sweet N Low to Sweeten

6. I Savor the Delicious Taste

Finally, yes, you can go to fast food restaurants to buy your iced coffee habit, but you can save so much money by making your iced coffee at home and at your own convenience!

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