7 Delightfully Easy and Unbelievably Tasty Salad Recipes ...


7 Delightfully Easy and Unbelievably Tasty Salad Recipes ...
7 Delightfully Easy and Unbelievably Tasty Salad Recipes ...

Easy Salad Recipes are definitely one of my favorite ones because I love salads but absolutely hate having to spend a lot of time preparing them. I mean, what’s the point – it’s a salad, for God’s sake, not a chocolate soufflé! Now, let me just say that I’m sure some of you don’t not share my opinion on salads and easy salad recipes but, before you call me out for being lazy, give these 7 tasty but easy salad recipes a shot!

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Red- Fleshed Turnip Salad

You Will Need: Red-Fleshed Turnips (Fresh), Garlic Cloves, Oil, Vinegar and Salt

Sweet, juicy and incredibly healthy, red-fleshed turnips can do wonders for people who, like me, suffer from extremely low blood pressure and the lack of iron. My mom always points out that turnips are best when they are fresh (not boiled) and she often makes this tasty salad. All you’ll have to do is peel and grind your turnips, add chopped garlic, some oil, vinegar and, if you like, salt. Voila!


Chinese Salad

You Will Need: Rice (Any kind), Peas (Frozen or Fresh), Chopped Carrot (Frozen or Fresh), Chopped Salami or Ham, Mayonnaise, Chopped Pickles

One of my favorite, totally easy salad recipes is this tasty variation of Russian salad that I’ve picked up from my friend’s granny (don’t laugh, grannies always have the best recipes). I sincerely doubt it’s really Chinese but, it tastes great so – no questions asked. And here’s how to prepare it: First of all – boil your chopped carrots and peas (separately, of course) and use a third dish to boil your rice as well. Rinse the rice once it’s done to remove the sticky liquid, let it all cool down, mix together and add mayonnaise, chopped salami/ham and chopped pickles.


Chicken Salad

You Will Need: Chicken Brest (Boiled), Lettuce, Sweet Corn (Canned), Paprika, Tomato, Croutons (1-2 Handfuls), Olive Oil, Salt, Mayonnaise

This is, without the doubt, one of my favorite salads and, as you can see it’s very easy to make, too! So easy, in fact, that I feel like a fool whenever I remember that I used to pay big bucks for it in restaurants! The preparation is a real piece of cake and all you’ll have to do is chop your veggies and meat, mix it all together, add salt and olive oil and sprinkle some mayonnaise on top. If you prefer a lighter and, in my opinion, much tastier dressing I suggest mixing mayonnaise with sour cream.


Sour Potato Salad

You Will Need: Potatoes, Red Onion, Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice, Salt, Olive Oil
Next on my list of easy salad recipes is something you can even prepare as a side dish as it goes perfectly with grilled, fried or oven-baked fish. Peel the potatoes, boil them, leave them to cool down and then cut them into slices. Add chopped onion, lemon juice, olive oil and salt, mix it all together carefully and serve.


Greek Village Salad (Horiatiki)

You Will Need: Red Onions, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Paprika, Olives, Feta Cheese, Salt, Vinegar, Oregano, Olive Oil

Everyone who had a chance to visit Greece have tried and loved this salad and since the recipe is very simple, I thought it might be a good idea to mention it here. The recipe I use is a little bit different that others I had a chance to read online but, as far as I know (and I’ve visited a lot of Greek taverns), this is how they really make the salad. So, chop your veggies (they really don’t have to look perfect), add olives, plenty of oil and vinegar, a little bit of salt, slices of feta and sprinkle oregano on top. Throw the salad well and don’t forget to bring out some bread because “the juice” (Greeks call it “zoumi”) is the best part of the salad.


Greek Village Salad, also known as Horiatiki, is a traditional Greek salad that is incredibly easy to make. It is made with fresh vegetables like red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and paprika, as well as olives, feta cheese, salt, vinegar, oregano, and olive oil. It is typically served with a side of bread to enjoy the “juice” or “zoumi” from the salad.

Greek Village Salad is a favorite among tourists who have visited Greece and its simple recipe is widely known and loved. The vegetables don’t need to be chopped perfectly and the amounts of oil, vinegar, and salt are up to the cook’s preference. The feta cheese and oregano should be added last and the salad should be tossed together before serving.

Greek Village Salad is a great way to get all of your essential vitamins and minerals in one meal. It is a great source of vitamin C from the tomatoes and cucumbers, and the feta cheese is a great source of calcium and protein. The olive oil is a healthy fat and the olives contain iron and vitamin E.

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Tzatziki (Greek Cucumber and Yogurt Salad)

You Will Need: Yogurt, Cucumbers, Mixture of Spices For Tzatziki (One Satchel), Olive Oil, Garlic, Salt

My next Greek salad recipe (which also happens to be one of those easy salad recipes I love oh so much) is the refreshing yogurt and cucumber salad I’m sure you’ve had a chance to try somewhere before. Greeks put a lot of different herbs inside but, since you can actually buy this mixture in the supermarket, there is really no need to slice, dice and chop more than it’s really necessary. So, now that you’ve got your yogurt and your spices, the only thing left to do is peel and dice your cucumbers and garlic cloves. Mix all the ingredients together, pour a little bit of olive oil on top and serve!


Peach and Watermelon Salad

You Will Need: Peaches (Sliced in Wedges), Watermelon (Sliced in Cubes), Watercress, Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Pepper, Salt

How do you like my easy salad recipes so far? Well, let me just add one more! This one is slightly unusual because you’ll have to mix fruits and veggies but, hey, it’s definitely worth the risk! So, mix your chopped peaches and watermelon with watercress, add olive oil and lemon juice and finish it up by adding salt and pepper! Yes, it’s THAT simple!

Mouth watering and time saving – easy salad recipes rock! Feel like sharing some of your favorite easy salad recipes today? Go ahead- I’m always looking forward to learning new, creative, tasty ways to enjoy my favorite fruits, veggies and spices!

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