5 Delicious 😋 Detox Waters 💦 for a Healthier 💪 You ...


Ready for some delicious detox water recipes? If you're always bloated, low on energy, have gas, are fatigued, have a headache, suffer from bad breath, this shows maybe your body is on TOXIC OVERLOAD.

It's better to know which detox water for what needs to be drunk.

Here are 4 detox water recipes to help stabilize metabolism, reduce bloating, burn fat and lose weight. Try them out.

All you need to do add all ingredients into a glass. Chill in the fridge overnight and enjoy. When you wake up in the morning you have a delicious mixture waiting for you.


6 Cucumber

6 lemon

A few leaves of mint

1 liter water

Cucumbers flush out toxins and prevent water retention. Lemon juice slows down the digestion process. It increases nutrient absorption. Better nutrient absorption means less bloating. Mint has antimicrobial properties. It gives you fresh breath.

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