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8 Easy Steps to Make Hot Chocolate ...

By Stephanie

I’ve been on the hunt for easy-to-follow steps to make hot chocolate. I usually make hot chocolate with the packaged powder, but recently, I’ve just gotten sick of it. It doesn’t have that true chocolate flavor or that thick, creamy consistency. It doesn’t matter if I use milk or water; it still comes out the same! So, I decided to take it upon myself to learn how to make hot chocolate from scratch. Therefore, here are eight easy steps to make hot chocolate from inside your very own kitchen!

1 Use Solid Chocolate

Throw out that packaged stuff. It’ll never get you that delicious hot chocolate flavor you crave. The solid chocolate creates more of a creamy consistency, instead of a clumpy one. It definitely is revolting when you’re sipping your nice warm cup of hot cocoa and ingest a chunk of leftover powder. Yuck! Make sure you break the chocolate into small pieces; just don’t throw the whole bar in the pot! Also, snatch up two four ounce chocolate bars; this will make you four servings! Don’t skimp on this step; it is one of the most important steps to make hot chocolate.

2 The Darker the Chocolate the Better

The second most important step is to pick the right chocolate. The darker the chocolate, the less sugary your hot chocolate will be. It will also get a richer chocolate flavor. Opt for bittersweet or semisweet chocolate. Also, any chocolate with at least 60% cacao works too!

3 Use Whole Milk Instead of Skim

You want something just right and in between too thick and too thin. You can use half & half or low-fat milk as well. But skip out on skim milk or heavy cream; your hot chocolate won’t have the right consistency.

4 Don’t Kill Your Hot Chocolate with Sweetener

Stop! The chocolate is sweet already! If you must add sweetener, opt for a tablespoon or two. Also, you can use any sweetener you want; whether it is Splenda, brown sugar or any kind of syrup.

5 Heat up the Milk & Sweetener

Add four cups of milk and sweetener to the pot. Wait until the mixture is hot before you move onto step #6. Don't scorch the milk, or let it boil over, though!

6 Add in the Chocolate

Once the milk bubbles, add in the chocolate and any other ingredient you so desire! For example, nuts, liquor or spices, such as cinnamon! A few teaspoons are more than plenty!

7 Don’t Forget the Salt!

This may not seem necessary, but it is! Sweet and salty go together so well! Take for example chocolate covered pretzels! Just add a pinch of salt to your hot chocolate mixture when it’s almost done cooking.

8 Cornstarch

This is not a necessary step, but it helps to give your hot chocolate an extra-creamy texture, if you so desire. **Note: if you decide to use cornstarch, you need to set aside ½ cup of milk. Instead of starting with 4 cups of milk in the pot, opt for 3 ½. You’ll pour the other ½ cup of milk into the mixture along with the cornstarch! Mix the cornstarch until it is well-blended.

You can even top your hot chocolate with marshmallows, whipped cream or even a drizzle of syrup. Have you ever made homemade hot chocolate before? If not, will you be using these tips to help you make hot chocolate from scratch in the future?


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