7 Easy Tips for Making Skinny Holiday Dishes That Taste Decadent ...


If you’re whipping up a holiday dinner this year, keep things healthy with some of my favorite natural skinny holiday dishes. These are really simple, aren’t too “out there” for your guests to enjoy and they’re also especially comforting and nourishing. I love to make simple healthy dishes each year that aren’t hard for anyone at home to create, and are all easy to prepare last minute. This makes sharing my recipes fun, and you’d be surprised how healthy you can eat whether on a budget or a nutrition plan during the holidays. Check out my favorite ways to make skinny holiday dishes that taste healthy. It’s so simple, delicious and nutritious that you won’t miss the high calorie varieties usually served.

1. Using Herbs

Using Herbs

One of my favorite tricks for making skinny holiday dishes is to use herbs when I roast the turkey, or cook roasted veggies. Use fresh herbs like rosemary, oregano, parsley and sage. Place these on top and inside of your turkey, or mince them and sprinkle onto roasted veggies. They add the most incredible flavor, without the need for tons of fat, salt and sugar. I also like dried herb varieties by Simply Organics brand, and am especially fond of the Herbs de Provence blend, as well as the Italian Seasoning blend.

Use Coconut Oil, Not Butter
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