7 Energy-Boosting Breakfast Foods ...

By Lyndsie

7 Energy-Boosting Breakfast Foods ...

When you start your day off with an energy boosting breakfast, then you're gearing up for a fun, energetic day. You won't feel nearly as tired or fatigued, you'll have plenty of get-up and go, and you won't have to rely on coffee, soda, or energy drinks to get you through the day. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, so why not check out some fantastic energy boosting breakfast foods so you can stock up today?

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If you're looking for an energy boosting breakfast that tastes great and fills you up, think eggs! They're packed with healthy protein, plus you'll get plenty of iron and even those oh so important omega-3 fatty acids. As long as you don't eat them fried or add in tons of butter, you're set!


Whole Wheat Toast

Sometimes simple is better. Why not have some whole wheat toast with your eggs? With the right topping, toast makes an adequate breakfast all by itself as well. Don't worry, just keep reading for some great ways to make your toast a tasty breakfast treat.


Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is like the next big super food, and with good reason. It's extremely flavorful but a much better option than cream cheese, plus it's filled with healthy protein. It's a great mixer as well, so add berries and walnuts or make yourself a lovely smoothie when you're in a hurry.



You can't beat oatmeal for breakfast, especially on chilly mornings. Steel cut is the best way to go, because it's filled with all the right nutrients to keep you energized and refreshed. It will lower your cholesterol, it has plenty of whole grains, and it's amazingly filling. You don't have to have a boring breakfast either: add some whole wheat toast or mix in some fruit and nuts for some extra flavor.


Peanut Butter

How about some peanut butter toast, y'all? It's better to keep it all natural and organic, so you won't have to deal with a lot of additives or pesticides – but the taste is worth the expense, I promise. Smear it on your toast or a whole wheat bagel, or try making a filling, low-fat smoothie!

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Fresh Fruits

Naturally, fresh fruits are among the best breakfast foods. Eat something high in vitamin C to really give yourself an energy boost in the morning. Berries are excellent as well, especially when you eat them with some of the other options on this list. Don't forget about bananas either, so you can get plenty of potassium! Just remember, when you eat any kind of melon, give yourself plenty of time to digest before eating anything else.


Cottage Cheese

Ever thought about eating cottage cheese for breakfast? It tastes amazing with peaches, pears, or any other fresh fruits. Not only does it have lots of protein, it's also filled with calcium, so you can give your bones a fantastic wake up call, too!

Whether you go with a protein or a big burst of vitamin C, eating a healthy breakfast ensures that you'll have a great day. No matter what happens, you'll have plenty of energy, so you'll be able to tackle any problem. What's your favorite morning meal, the one that makes the whole day seem bright and full of potential?

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I love my oatmeal with cinnamon, fresh fruit, walnuts, and if you don't mind the extra calories for yumminess factor- a splash of cream makes it soo good!

Peanut butter us the best

Love this great anytime<3