7 Wacky and Fun Things to Eat ...

If you're on a diet for 2013 or watching your calorie keep reading this article to try some wacky and fun things to eat won't be up your alley- unless, you need something delicious on a cheat day! Then welcome! I have made some fun things to eat and somethings were indeed bad for the scale! But, nonetheless delicious! Bon appetit!


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Yes, you read that correctly. Number one of my list of fun things to eat is this bacon, spam, and egg cheeseburger! It's what its title meant to be, a cheeseburger topped with bacon, spam, and an over easy egg! Drizzle with sriracha, ketchup, add some pickles and you're good to go! Just don't look at the grease when you're making this burger!


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This is an art all in itself! It's garlic bread stuffed with spaghetti! Delicious, fun to make too! I personally use Pillsbury's dough and brush on some butter with garlic bread seasonings. Make the spaghetti like you normally would (boil the noodles, heat up the sauce, put the two together) then- wrap it inside the dough! Bake it! And, voila! Dinner!


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Sriracha is a household staple in my home. My husband and friends use it in EVERYTHING! But, who would've thought this sweet and spicy concoction would be delicious in a cupcake?! I sure didn't! Although, I haven't personally tried it myself, my friends go crazyover it! It looks delish, smells delish... but, is it delish? Hmm... I'll let you know!


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Now, Krispy Kreme doughnuts alone are divine and heavenly! But, make a burger out of it?! Well, now you're talking! Instead of using burger buns or potato buns (this is what I use), use Krispy Kreme doughnuts instead. So, unhealthy, so much calories, and lordy, is it delicious! I got to try this gem at the State fair and let me tell you!


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Might, have to read this a couple of times. But, this is a huge delicacy in the Philippines! Being Filipino I was raised around this snack. It's duck egg. And, yes, there is an unborn duckling inside. Now, before you get upset, let me just say that I do not eat the duckling. No sir. Although, I know many people who do. I just personally enjoy the yolk, and the liquid inside the egg. It's one of those Fear Factor things I can NEVER do! But, I heard it's good!


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Sounds delicious, and not wacky right? Wrong! My husband invented this gem during dinner. Weave bacon together like you were to make pie. Bake it in the oven. Get your regular burrito necessities - ground beef, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, etc. - and, instead of using tortillas you are using the bacon instead. Now, it's tricky at first to wrap the burrito together because of how delicate the bacon is. But, after a few tries everything works out!


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Ahh, made famous by Elvis Presley himself. This delicious snack is just how it sounds: frying your Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich! I like to use butter to get the outside crispy and just right! This is also good with good old peanut butter and jelly! Either way works, because it's delicious both ways!

I hope I didn't make you cringe, or gag, or run for some celery! But, above all these snacks, and treats to try I'm sure its going to be a great tale to tell! Have you had any outrageous, downright, crazy food dish before? If so what was it? Let me know!

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