Exceptional Ways to Replace πŸ”ƒ Butter πŸ₯› in Your Favorite πŸ‘ Dishes 🍽 ...

If there’s one thing all non-vegans can agree on, it is that butter is amazing! The taste, the texture, the way it interacts with other ingredients, it’s all heavenly, but unfortunately, it is the opposite of healthy! Too much butter in your diet is never going to be a good thing, so to keep a good balance you should be seeking alternatives that provide near enough the same kind of satisfaction. Here is how to replace butter in some of your favourite dishes.

1. Vegetable Oil

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Vegetable oil is a simple alternative to butter than can be implemented in recipes that require an amount of melted butter. Things like muffins, quick breads and pancakes are all perfectly fine when made with vegetable oil instead.

2. Coconut Oil

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The very same thing can be said for melted coconut oil. It gives all of the moisture and tenderness that melted butter would, and you also get the added bonus of your kitchen smelling amazing for a while!

3. Vegetable Shortening

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Vegetable based shortening is something that can be used when you are making things like squares, biscuits and pie crusts. It proves to be a great substitute that doesn’t compromise any of that flakiness that makes butter made dishes so irresistible in the first place.

4. Non-Dairy Butter

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You can also try using something like Earth Balance, a non-dairy butter that might be slightly less flavourful but will certainly do the job in terms of consistency and cooking success.

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