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Supermodels Drink Maple Waterand You Should Too ...

By Chelsie

Maple water can’t be found everywhere, but if you can find it, there are some good reasons to drink maple water. While it is relatively new to the market, maple water has been consumed for hundreds of years. Even the North American explorers drank maple water, and they were so impressed with it that they called it the “wholesomest drink in the world.” Maple water certainly does have a lot of healthy attributes, which is why supermodels including Miranda Kerr and Naomi Campbell drink it. Here's why you should drink it too:

1 Low in Sugar

This may surprise you, but maple water is actually low in sugar. While maple syrup is a sticky, sugary treat, maple water is actually much different. Maple water is the sap from maple trees, and it is 98 percent water and just 2 percent sugar. At 2 percent sugar, maple water actually has half the sugar of coconut water, which is one of the many reasons to drink maple water!

2 Nutrient Rich

Maple water is a nutrient rich beverage that you can feel good about drinking. Of the 46 different nutrients found in maple water, manganese is especially abundant. One serving of maple water will give you 30 percent of your daily value of manganese. Manganese is an important nutrient that helps build healthy bones, and drinking maple water is a great way to get in some of this mineral.

3 Health Benefits

Because maple water is rich in nutrients, there are several health benefits to drinking it. In addition to helping your body build strong bones, the nutrients in maple water can also help with thyroid function. Maple water can even help control blood sugar because it has a unique compound known as abscisic acid that helps regulate insulin.

4 Sustainable

Tapping maple trees for sap doesn’t damage the trees, and it is a very sustainable practice. Drinking maple water is also a much less wasteful way to enjoy maple products because it takes 40 gallons of maple water to make 1 gallon of syrup! Additionally, supporting companies that make maple water by purchasing their products is a way to support maple farmers in a sustainable way. Instead of cutting down maple trees for money, the farmers can sell the sap.

5 Local

Maple water is considered to be an alternative to coconut water. This makes it a local product for many people in North America. Buying local is a great way to help the environment because the products do not have to travel as far, which means fewer emissions.

6 Non GMO and No Chemical Residue

If you are trying to avoid genetically modified products and products with pesticides, maple water is a great drink to try. There are no genetically modified maple trees, and maple water doesn’t contain any traces of chemicals. This is great news for health conscious consumers.

7 Its Novel

Let’s face it; it is fun to walk around drinking something very few people have heard of. It makes you the “cool kid” who is “in the know”. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to try something new, which is always fun!

Maple water producers are expecting maple water to become very popular, which means you could find it in your local stores relatively soon. In fact, depending on where you live, your stores may already carry it. If you can get your hands on maple water, you should definitely try it. Have you ever had maple water?,

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