7 Foodie Trends to Get into This Year ...


7 Foodie Trends to Get into This Year ...
7 Foodie Trends to Get into This Year ...

Foodie trends 2012 edition! You know I'm excited – I love cooking, so I view new food trends in much the same way I view new fashion trends. This year, they've been quite surprising. I know it's mid-year, so you may be aware of a lot of these. If not, it's time to indulge! From surprising pastry options to miraculous foodie tricks, there are tons of great trends, but I've taken a look at the top favorites and the most controversial options. Take a look and pick your favorite foodie trend of 2012!

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One of the top foodie trends 2012 style is actually quite surprising. Doughnuts. Whereas cupcakes have ruled the world of pastries the last couple of years, doughnuts are now giving them a run for their money. Miniature doughnuts are especially popular, generally with gourmet additions – look for them served with a side of custard or delicious crème brûlée. Of course, you can still head over to your local Dunks and enjoy some of those pretty pastries, but even in higher end restaurants, these fried delicacies are bound to show up on the menu.


Comfort Food

Honestly, I guess the doughnut trend makes sense, since another one of the biggest foodie trends of 2012 involves comfort foods. As a Southern girl, I can't really complain about this one – I grew up on comfort foods. That's precisely why I need to lose some “comfort” out of my rear end, but that's besides the point! The point is that, as summer fades into fall and winter, you'll see lots of really hearty dishes, like gourmet mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, shepherd's pie, meatloaf. Even casual dining items, like grilled cheese and casseroles, are making huge comebacks.


Gluten Free Goodness

Lots of new trends revolve around healthier options. Gluten free foods are already popular for health reasons, now they're becoming popular as a trendy type of food. It also makes things easier for anyone who has celiac disease; if you can't handle wheat or have a solid allergy, you'll have a much easier time eating out now. Lots of restaurants, bakeries, and shops now offer gluten free items, so go wild without having to worry!


Fabulous Fusion

Fusion foods are coming into their own again as well. Some call them “multitasking meals,” but really, it all comes down to fusion. Asian mixes with Mexican, Italian mixes with Indian cuisine, and flavors meld together into new creations you won't be able to resist. Feel free to experiment in your own kitchens as well – you might create a brand new flavor fusion!


Scrumptious Ceviche

Light, lovely fish dishes are popping up everywhere, not just on menus but as the overall theme of many restaurants. Ceviche is a tangy, delicious delight which is enjoying a huge moment in the sun. There are sure to be matching accoutrements, like pisco, to go with this Peruvian specialty. This fits in with the many new food trends revolving around ethnic and global cuisines, so enjoy yourself, try something new, and see if this works for you!


Molecular Gastronomy

I think molecular gastronomy is incredibly neat, although my hatred for Marcel from Top Chef almost ruined it for me. This is a controversial trend for the year, simply because some places insist it's on its way out, while others are sure it's around to stay, at least for the rest of 2012. Because so many places still focus on the fascinating science of food (and don't limit themselves to rather unappetizing looking foams – Marcel, I'm looking at you), I think it's going to go the distance. Besides, having a meal based around molecular gastronomy is definitely an experience.


Ethnic Delicacies

As you can see, a focus on ethnic foods is a favorite foodie trend of 2012. Basically, any specialty you can think of will be popping up somewhere. There's Greek yogurts, challah bread and matzo balls, Peruvian dishes, fusion cuisine, and much, much more. Odds are you'll be able to find a lot of new specialty restaurants showcasing your favorite foods.

So there you have it – foodie trends 2012 style! I haven't tried a lot of these before, like certain ethnic varieties and ceviche, but after researching for this post, my mouth is watering and I'm dying to try not just eating these foods, but making them! It's always great to expand your horizons when it comes to food, and while some of these aren't necessarily the healthiest choices, moderation is the key so feel free to experiment! What are your very favorite foodie trends of 2012, and what do you think will be popular next year?

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