Best Foods to Eat That Will Get You a Bikini Bod in No Time ...


Best Foods to Eat That Will Get You a Bikini Bod in No Time  ...
Best Foods to Eat That Will Get You a Bikini Bod in No Time  ...

Hot weather is getting closer every day and that means your grocery list should have more foods for a bikini body. These foods help you get a flat tummy but will fill you up at the same time. The best part? They also taste good. Adding these bikini body foods to your meal plan right now will easily get your body ready to slide into your new swimsuit.

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Red Peppers

These tasty little gems are one of the best foods for a bikini body. Why? Research shows that they have metabolism boosting benefits and have plenty of fiber for satisfying your appetite too. Eat them raw as a snack or in a salad or cook them up and add to pasta sauce or stir-fry.


Steel Cut Oats

Oats are very high in fiber and when your diet is full of fiber, you aren't as hungry. Oats are a prime choice for your bikini body meal plan because they are easy to make and are really versatile. Try them topped with fresh berries or stir in a bit of cinnamon and Greek yogurt.



There's really great evidence that eggs are a top choice for a bikini body diet because they have a great mixture of healthy fats and protein that fill you up without overloading you on calories. Have scrambled eggs for breakfast or mix a hard-boiled egg into your bowl of tuna salad.



Don't worry - I'm not advocating going back to the dreaded grapefruit diet. However, there's a good reason to have one now and then. According to experts, grapefruits can speed metabolism and reduce insulin levels, helping you get that bikini body you want. Plus, the vitamin C gives your skin a nice summer glow.



It wouldn't be summer without grilled salmon on the barbecue. Turns out this is a great choice and one of the best foods for a bikini body. Not only does salmon give you a good dose of protein for appetite satiety, but it also fights inflammation with its omega-3 fatty acids, which is an easy way to be sure your body is ready for bikini season.

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Here's another bikini body food that is packed with fiber. Raspberries are especially high in fiber. The great thing about berries is that they are at their peak in the summertime so you can pop them like candy when you get hungry. And if you can't find any good ones, frozen berries are great for a summer smoothie that will cool you down and fill you up at the same time.



This spring and summer veggie is perfect for getting that svelte bikini body you're craving. The energy in asparagus is released slowly, which optimizes your energy levels and blood sugar, helping you resist snacking between meals. Plus, it's delicious and low in calories so you can't go wrong.



There's nothing as delicious as a ripe summer pineapple. If you're worried that its sweetness makes it a bad choice, worry no more. Pineapples contain an enzyme that fights bloating and gas, helping you trim your middle without much work. There are loads of ways to eat pineapple, but I love them in a fruit salad.



Unlike other grains, quinoa is considered a complete protein. That means you can rely on it to star in your bikini body meal plan. It's also got tons of fiber so it's super satisfying without being high in calories. Try it in a salad or as a substitute for rice in any recipe.

Which of these foods have a place on your summertime meal plan? Ready to get into that bikini?

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